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Vince McMahon Not Sure If WWE Is Going To Be In The Live Event Business As They Were Before, More Cinematic Matches Coming

Vince McMahon WWF Announcer Interviewer

• Old School WCW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW Veteran Yuji Nagata celebrates his 52nd birthday today.

Yuji Nagata wrestled for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling promotion in 1997 & 1998, and was managed by Heel Manager Sonny Onoo.

During his time in WCW, he feuded with fellow Japanese veteran Último Dragón.

Nagata is a former 2 time IWGP Heavyweight Champion (NJPW’s World Title) after winning the belt in 2002 and 2007.


• Vince McMahon Not Sure If WWE Is Going To Be In The Live Event Business As They Were Before, More Cinematic Matches Coming

WWE CEO Vince McMahon answered many questions during yesterday’s earnings call.

Below are the highlights:

– McMahon said that WWE will be doing more “mini movies” like the cinematic matches at WrestleMania 36 due to the current circumstances.

– About viewership being down, despite being the only live sports on TV, he said that they don’t have the benefit of a crowd, and are doing better than anyone could have imagined without one. He further said that they’ve added more verbalizing between the wrestlers.

About the low ratings, he said that RAW is getting lower viewership than SmackDown because the red brand is featuring new talent, who’ll take some time to get over with the fans.

He also said that neither they or their partners are doing as well as they’d like to, but the TV partners understand and “lauded” what WWE is doing. He said that USA and FOX have WWE’s back.

– Regarding the possibility of Florida no longer considering sports without an audience as essential, McMahon said they have other options for where they can film shows:

“Yes we do. We have a number of states that would welcome us.”

– He said that he isn’t optimistic about the idea of live crowds any time soon.

– He said that Saudi Arabia would love to have a major event this year, but they aren’t sure if they’ll get the okay in November or December:

“As far as Saudi is concerned they would love to have another huge WrestleMania sized event. We usually have two in Saudi. They’re under the same constraints that everyone else is with the pandemic. They’re not sure if they can have it in November or December.

The good part is that if we don’t perform we’ll just tack it onto the other end of the contract.”

– Regarding the stall of selling pay-per-view distribution rights, it was said that this was not due to a lack of interest in WWE. He followed up saying they were close on it, but the Coronavirus pandemic caught everyone with their pants down.

– He further said that going forward, he’s not sure if WWE will be in the live event business as they were before.

– He also gave credit to the performers in WWE, who he thinks are working very hard right now, and stepping it up, given the current circumstances.

– Regarding talent morale about producing shows during the pandemic, McMahon said that they’re taking it as a challenge/duty. He said that they’re very special people and he’s proud of them.

– Regarding the safety of talent during the pandemic he shared the following precautions WWE is taking:

* Talent being in a sequestered hotel

* Performing in small groups

* Changing the turnbuckles/ropes between matches

* Use of a spray which they’ve used to coat everything at the PC with, from Allied BioScience, which allegedly clings to surfaces acting like a sword that punctures the cell wall of the virus killing it on contact. Lasts for 90-120 days.

– At last, it was confirmed that there will be no WWE 2K21.

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