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Vince Russo Reveals The Man Behind WCW’s Death

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The decline of WCW remains a significant topic within the wrestling community, with many attributing its downfall to various factors. Vince Russo, a key figure in WCW’s history, often finds himself at the center of these discussions due to his creative decisions and booking style during his tenure with the company. However, Russo has a different perspective on who is to blame for WCW’s collapse.

Russo, who served as a writer and on-screen talent for WCW from October 1999 to October 2000, recently shared his thoughts on the company’s demise.

On The Wrestling Outlaws podcast, Russo discussed the role of television executive Jamie Kellner in WCW’s downfall. Russo believes that Kellner, the former Chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., played a crucial role by deciding to remove WCW from television.

“Bro, from what I understand, it was some dude by the name of Jamie Kellner. I think Jamie Kellner was an executive that he made the decision to pull the trigger.”

Russo also highlighted the impact of the AOL merger and the lack of interest in professional wrestling from the new executives as key factors leading to WCW’s sale to WWE. He asserted that the executives, particularly following the AOL merger, had little interest in the wrestling business and even saw it as an embarrassment.

“They didn’t wanna be in the wrestling business, bro. It’s that simple, especially when that merger was made with AOL and a whole different set of people came in. Wrestling was an embarrassment to them. They looked down their nose at wrestling, bro. They didn’t wanna be in the wrestling business.”

Speaking of Jamie Kellner, he passed away on June 21, 2024 at the age of 77.

Jamie Kellner Head of Turner Broadcasting Dies Passes Away Death

Kellner is often remembered as the executive who made the pivotal decision to cancel World Championship Wrestling. Taking over as Head of Turner Broadcasting after Ted Turner in 2000, Kellner terminated WCW’s TV contracts due to the company’s financial losses, aligning with AOL Time Warner’s strategic shift.

Beyond the wrestling world, Kellner’s impact on television was significant. He played a crucial role in launching and steering Fox and The WB to profitability.

Under his leadership, Fox introduced iconic shows such as “The Simpsons,” “Married… With Children,” “Cops,” “In Living Color,” and “21 Jump Street.” At The WB, he oversaw the premieres of beloved series like “Dawson’s Creek,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “7th Heaven.” Additionally, Kellner was instrumental in launching Fox Kids, further cementing his legacy in the television industry.

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