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Vince Russo Rips Two Raw Stars For Punching Like 3 Year Old Kids, Little Change Made To Title Belt, The Hurricane Wins Cruiserweight Championship (Video)


– During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, Vince Russo, along with OVW Veteran Kenny Bolin, discussed Braun Strowman’s booking on last week’s episode of Raw. Below is their conversation:

Russo: Braun Strowman has a match with Matt Hardy, okay bro? Okay, now we know, correct me if I’m wrong, we know they’ve been building Braun Strowman up because Brock Lesnar beat him rather easily. So now we got to rebuild him. So he’s crushing people that don’t matter. Matt Hardy as a singles wrestler does not matter. So he’s gonna be the victim this week, right Jeff? We’re gonna let Braun Strowman eat him for lunch. Then Strowman is going up the ramp carrying Hardy and the Shield is there.

Strowman drives Reigns into the the set, okay bro? So now Rollins and the balding guy (Ambrose), I swear to god, bro, these two guys were freakin’ hitting Strowman, the monster, they were hitting him like they were 3 year old kids. Are you kidding me? They looked like two freakin’ girls hitting this….Kenny explain to me how did they get to that level when they’re punching like freakin’ girls.

Kenny: The wrestlers hitting like that is ridiculous. And number one, if the big man is not telling them if you don’t lay it, I’m gonna beat your a$$ when we get to the back…. there’s a problem. And he should be embarrassed to let them hit him like that because all the fans are seeing what you and I saw. that’s not okay.

Russo: I’m not the Babyface-Heel guy. I’m really not. I’m the shades of grey guy, but until this point Strowman has pretty much been a heel. Well now, you got three babyfaces kicking one guy’s a$$. Who’s the heel? And why would you blow it off on night one? Like why would you not build this freaking show?

– A little change has been made to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The strap of the Title belt has now been turned to black. Below is a photo:

– Below is a video of The Hurricane winning the Cruiserweight Championship:

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