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WCW Veteran Talks About WWE Making Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson A Bunch Of Clowns On Last Week’s Episode Of Raw, Full Video Of Triple H’s Surprise Indy Appearance

Luke Gallows

WCW Veteran Talks About WWE Making Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson A Bunch Of Clowns On Last Week’s Episode Of Raw

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WWF writer Vince Russo, WCW veteran “Big” Vito LoGrass & Kenny Bolin discussed Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson being made to look like a bunch of clowns on last week’s episode of Raw, Braun Strowman’s return & more. Below is the discussion:

On Braun Strowman’s return:

Russo: Here I got a huge problem. I’m gonna give them credit and then I’m gonna take the credit away. They start telling the story about Miz and Strowman, you know what’s hysterical to me? Just think about how weak this is.

They know Strowman is in the building, bro, because he’s carrying bags of garbage around with him and leaving them in locker rooms. Like seriously?

Braun Strowman is like the garbage-man now and he literally is taking garbage from the garbage truck, putting them in black paint bags and he’s dropping off garbage bags in the locker room.

Here’s my issue with this. So now we’re gonna build this big thing and I’m gonna give them credit for this. They’re building this. They went back to this a couple of times. But here’s where I’m gonna take the credit away.

Why did they start this so late? Why didn’t they start this within the first 15 minutes of the show? They literally started this the last half-hour of the show about 10:30 when a great deal of their audience already went to bed. Why wouldn’t you have started this thread 15 minutes into the show?

Vito: Poor booking. I thought it could have been interesting to open the show with the garbage truck coming in and then go to the ring when everybody would have said – hey what’s going on.

And then go from there and if they would have seen a garbage bag just dropped from the titantron or garbage bag thrown from the crowd, you know….something different.

Kenny: You could have sparsed those out throughout the course of the three hours show. The truck coming in. I think of course we told everybody that Strowman is in the house. Now they might hang around actually to see what’s gonna happen.

On Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson being made to look like a bunch of clowns:

Vito: You take two guys who were Japanese champions, two guys who were killers. You’re making them into comedians. Trying to put the pumpkin on their head.

I would’ve rather seen a Halloween kendo stick match, a Halloween put yourself through a table match, a Halloween pumpkin on a ladder match, something. But this was slop. It was garbage. It was worse than indie wrestling. And they’ve ruined these four guys.

Slater and Rhyno, they were the mid, kind of little lower, but Gallows and Anderson. These guys were powerhouses. They were part of the Bullet Club and the Bullet Club and all these guys. They were powerhouses.

They were legit wrestlers and you’ve made them clowns. I think that’s another thing where Vince does – he takes guys from other promotions, gives them a run and then he destroys them.

Kenny: This might be a story that you all don’t know, but you’ve got to hear this. Jimmy Cornette back in the days of WCW, Ole Anderson told him that at the end of the match they’re gonna bash a pumpkin over your head and you’re gonna wear the pumpkin.

You’re gonna be running around all over the ring with a pumpkin on your head. And Cornette looks at Ole and he says: 

“No, no. I don’t know what we’re gonna do tonight, but ain’t nobody bashing the damn pumpkin over my head. That’s not gonna happen. So you better come up with something else to do. I’m out here to get heat. If I’m up there running around with a damn pumpkin on my head, how the hell am I gonna get any heat.”

So that was Cornette standing up to Ole Anderson saying no I ain’t gonna do that and he was making I guess about 300 grand a year at that time.

Full Video Of Triple H’s Surprise Indy Appearance

“The Game” Triple H made a surprise indy appearance at an ICW show yesterday and received a big pop. You can watch his full appearance below:

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