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“We got to beat up The Rock and Stone Cold” – AEW Tag Team

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• “We got to beat up The Rock and Stone Cold” – AEW Tag Team

AEW wrestlers Colten & Austin Gunn (Gunn Club), sons of WWE Hall Of Famer Billy Gunn, appeared on an episode of Talk Is Jericho in 2021 and talked about their childhood days.

Below are the highlights:

On if they were allowed to watch their dad on TV:

Austin: “We weren’t allowed to watch it.”

Colten: “Because the Attitude Era was going on and my dad’s on TV saying, ‘Suck It.’ My mom, if he had a match, she would kind of let us watch a little bit, but we weren’t sitting there watching the two hour RAW.”

On if they attended WWF shows:

Colten: “We used to go to the shows a lot actually. Dad took us on the road quite a bit, especially when we were on summer break for school. We always used to go and mess around in the ring all the time.”

Austin: “Vince [McMahon] would kick us out all the time. All the time.”

On favorite memories from those visits:

Colten: “I actually have a vivid memory, two actually, of me and Austin [Gunn] in the ring, and they started playing everyone’s music and they all started running to the ring. Me and Austin [Gunn] are just cleaning house. We’re like 8 years old giving a great comeback, getting on the top, doing the ‘Suck It’ or whatever. It’s nuts.

Dustin Rhodes, you know the giant swing? He did that to me when I was young, and I just, for some reason, still remember it because it sucked so bad. I got so dizzy. I’m like, ‘That was so mean.’ I don’t know why I couldn’t forget that.”

Austin: “I just remember always being afraid of The Undertaker and Kane. I was just so little at that time, and I didn’t understand the concept of wrestling. I just knew that we were at Dad’s work, and we got to beat up The Rock and Stone Cold and I was more interested in that and seeing them because they’re larger than life personalities and so welcoming.

And then whenever Undertaker and Kane came around the corner, I would just start crying and hide behind my mom. And later in life, they’re just the nicest people ever. I think my first wrestling spot was with AJ Styles, did a hurricanrana around the body 5 times because I was so small. That was when dad was in TNA.”

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