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Who Was Responsible For The Controversial “Reid Flair” Comment on Raw?

UPROXX is reporting that WWE Sources have told them it was Charlotte who pitched the idea of using her late brother Reid Flair in the main event Divas Championship Contract Signing segment on Raw.

Below is what UPROXX posted:

“According to our sources, it was actually Charlotte herself who initially brought up the idea of using Reid in the promo. Pro wrestlers sometimes have a way of dealing with tragedy by turning it into fiction, where it can draw out real emotions and add fire to their performance. Charlotte was visibly shaken up for nearly the entire segment, if you need confirmation on how badly the death of her brother still hurts her.”

However, PWInsider disagrees and notes that it was WWE’s idea, not Charlotte’s. Below is what WWE Hall of Famer & Charlotte’s father Ric Flair had to say about this:

“Obviously I have an opinion, but I’m afraid to voice it because I don’t want anything to affect Ashley’s (Charlotte) career. I know that Hunter and Stephanie and Michael Hayes have her back. I don’t think she feels she’s comfortable enough to say ‘no’ to anything yet, she’s only been up there three-months. I never heard a word about it. I started crying when I was watching it. Nope, nobody called me.”

Below is what Charlotte’s mother tweeted regarding this:

In case you missed this segment, you can watch it below:

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