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Why Bobby Lashley Has No Eyebrows Or Body Hair

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Not many people have noticed it, but former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has no real eyebrows, as they are actually tattoos.

Lashley does not have any body hair whatsoever either, which is all because of a medical condition.

There’s a medical condition called Alopecia Areata, where a person loses hair from certain parts of their body. However, in Lashley’s case, he has Alopecia Universalis, where a person loses every single hair on their body.

Bobby is someone who sweats a lot, before a match even starts. Due to the lack of eyebrows and hair, he has to deal with sweat dripping into his eyes and blurring his vision at times. That’s why he started wearing a sweatband on his head for a while.

Bobby Lashley Elias RAW 2018

Bobby Lashley first wrestled for WWE from September 2005 until July 2007, then got into Mixed-Martial-Arts, but also had 2 stints in Total Nonstop Action! (TNA) / IMPACT Wrestling from 2009 to 2010 and from 2014 till 2018 before he returned to WWE in April 2018.

He’s a former 8-time World Heavyweight Champion in professional wrestling, including 2 reigns as WWE Champion, 2 reigns as ECW World Heavyweight Champion (in WWE) and 4 reigns as TNA/IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

Lashley has also held the United States Title (3 times), the Intercontinental Title (2 times) and won the 2023 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

In MMA, he has a record of 15-2, with his last fight taking place in 2016.

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