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Why LA Knight Isn’t Used Frequently On WWE Programming

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Former Million Dollar Champion LA Knight is the hottest up-and-coming star in WWE today. He became super-popular with the crowd over the past couple of months and many think he’s going to become the next big babyface in WWE.

According to PWInsider, Knight not being featured frequently on WWE programming is all a plan. His standing with WWE is held extremely high by executives.

He has been praised for getting over by himself and breaking the mold of what was given to him by the creative. He is seen as an even stronger character than officials had imagined.

One source compared his Max Dupri gimmick to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Ringmaster gimmick in terms of “lighting a fire under Knight to over-excel.”

WWE reportedly has big plans for Knight, but they are waiting for the right time to pull the trigger. Recent merchandise sales and the pops Knight gets during non-televised segments have been used as an evidence for his rising popularity.

WWE doesn’t want to waste his appearances, which is why he’s being used very carefully.

Speaking of Knight, he dethroned Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns as the #1 merchandise seller for WWE in July.

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