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Why There Was No PRIME Logo On The Ring At WWE King & Queen Of The Ring 2024

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On the March 8, 2024 edition of WWE SmackDown, United States Champion and popular YouTuber Logan Paul made a groundbreaking announcement that PRIME, the energy and hydration drink brand he co-founded, would become the first-ever ring canvas advertiser for WWE’s premium live events. This announcement was met with enthusiasm and curiosity from fans and industry insiders alike.

However, at the recent WWE King & Queen of the Ring 2024 Premium Live Event held in Saudi Arabia, observant fans noted the absence of the PRIME logo on the ring canvas.

The answer lies in Saudi Arabia’s regulatory environment regarding energy drinks. According to a 2014 article by Gulf News, Saudi Arabia has stringent rules banning the sale of energy drinks in public and educational facilities. Additionally, energy drink brands are prohibited from sponsoring any sports or cultural events and engaging in promotional activities within the country. These regulations were implemented following an interior study that highlighted the adverse side effects of energy drinks.

Given these restrictions, it appears that Saudi Arabia did not permit PRIME, which also produces energy drinks, to be featured on the WWE ring canvas. Despite WWE’s partnership with PRIME Hydration, the overall association with energy drinks likely influenced the decision to exclude the branding from the event.

Interestingly, during his entrance at the King and Queen of the Ring event, Logan Paul was seen carrying a PRIME bottle. This raised further questions, considering the ban on energy drink promotions. The key detail here is the distinction between PRIME Hydration and PRIME Energy. PRIME Hydration, which Paul carried, is a non-caffeinated, sugar-free drink and does not fall under the energy drink category that Saudi regulations target. In contrast, PRIME Energy contains 200mg of caffeine and is sold in cans, unlike the bottled PRIME Hydration.

By carrying a green PRIME Hydration bottle, Logan Paul complied with Saudi regulations while still promoting his brand. This nuanced difference allowed him to maintain visibility for PRIME without violating local laws. It’s possible that Saudi authorities made an exception for the hydration variant of the product, recognizing that it does not pose the same health concerns as energy drinks.

Also, word going on is that the Saudi Arabia PLEs don’t have any sponsors because the Saudis are the sole sponsors of the event, paying WWE $50 million for every event.

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