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Why TKO Is Heavily Pushing The Current WWE Era As The Triple H Era

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Below are a couple of top WWE news stories of the day, involving Triple H, The Undertaker and Mark Henry.

• On The Wrestling Matt Show, former WWE RAW Talk host Matt Camp revealed that TKO Group Holdings want Triple H to be the Dana White of WWE, which is why The Game makes a lot of TV appearances these days.

Here’s what Camp said:

“I know and it’s pretty obvious that Triple H has been positioned in the Dana White role. That’s what they want him to be, the face of combat sports. Let’s shoot him coming off the plane and he’s making announcements about the… and he’s doing more media than he’s done in the past.

He was in Australia doing media with Rhea Ripley. He didn’t do that for a while. But that’s what they wanted. They want him to be the face of that. I think it’s taken some time but he’s embraced that a bit more.”

This is why the current WWE era is being heavily pushed as The Triple H Era.

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• At WWE WrestleMania 22 in 2006, The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry in a Casket Match to take The Streak to 14-0.

During his appearance on Undertaker’s Six Feet Under podcast, Henry had the following to say about this match:

“That was one of the most traumatic matches I ever had. Not only was it the greatest going, but I’m claustrophobic. I didn’t want to go in that box. I was in there for 8 minutes and 47 seconds, and I remember all the way down to the last second.

When I heard the lightning strike, I was like, ‘Okay, okay,’ and then it was another 4 minutes before they pushed me through the curtain.”

I could die tomorrow and people are going to remember that I was in a main event match at WrestleMania over anything — Olympic World Championships, World’s Strongest Man.

They’re going to be like, ‘Remember when he was in the main event with Taker at WrestleMania 22?'”

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