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Why WWE Pulled Jade Cargill From Elimination Chamber

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Below are a couple of top WWE & AEW news stories of the day, involving Jade Cargill and Kevin Nash.

• According to PWInsider, Jade Cargill was originally scheduled to be a part of the Women’s Elimination Chamber match.

She was set to win the Last Chance Battle Royal on this week’s RAW to qualify, but WWE nixed the plan and went with Raquel Rodriguez instead.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE decided to not put Jade in the match because it didn’t make any sense for her to already go for a title:

“Obviously we saw something change in the women’s match. The women’s battle Royal and it probably did since Friday. If you saw the scene on Friday where they had everyone there that was for the women’s chamber, they had Cargill in the room, basically foreshadowing.

The plan was Cargill and they took her out. If you really looked at it, it made no sense to put her in that chamber match. None at all, so they didn’t. They put Raquel Rodriguez in instead.”

• At the AEW Revolution 2024 PPV on March 3rd, WCW Legend Sting will have his retirement match.

He will team up with Darby Allin one last time, to defend their AEW World Tag Team Championship against The Young Bucks.

On his Kliq This podcast, Nash revealed that Sting invited him to attend his final match, but Big Daddy Cool can’t because he’s affiliated to WWE.

Here’s what the former WWF & WCW World Heavyweight Champion said:

“I consider him a very close friend to be in the business. He asked me to be a part of [his retirement match]. And I just said that, you know, because of my positioning with the company with WWE, I couldn’t. I mean, I couldn’t even be there in the crowd.

I asked (for permission from WWE). You know when you ask, and there’s that 3-4 second pause. It’s like f**king when you’d be on the rug. Like, Hey, babe. We’re in Fort Wayne. I’m gonna go to Stewie’s strip joint. You got a problem with that? Nothing.”

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