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Will Hulk Hogan’s Lawsuit Put Gawker Media Out of Business?

According to latest reports, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan has sued Gawker Media for $100 million for publishing Hogan’s s*x tape back in 2012.

If Gawker would have to pay Hogan that kind of money then it would result in the company’s founder, Nick Denton, to sell the company or seek outside investors. Below is what Hulk Hogan’s attorney stated about this case:

“The law says if somebody is in a private place, doing private things, they have a right to do that, and they have a right to not be filmed without their knowledge, and they have a right for that film not to be played to the world.”

Hulk Hogan claims that the tape was filmed without his knowledge and his private life was exposed in front of the whole world. It should be noted that Hogan has addressed this tape many times in front of media, makng the existence and battle over the footage “newsworthy.”

If Gawker can convince the court that posting the tape coincides with the “newsworthiness” of the story, they believe that they can win the case.

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