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Will WWE Use Roman Reigns’ Daughter In Storyline With Bray Wyatt ?

As seen on WWE Raw, Bray Wyatt was holding a photo of Roman Reigns with his daughter during his promo.

Many people were speculating that WWE would be using Roman’s daughter in this angle.

A caller on Wrestling Observer asked if Reigns’ daughter will turn heel on Roman & align herself with Bray Wyatt. Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer noted that he highly doubts it. He says WWE won’t be using a 5 year old child in such a storyline.

Alvarez later noted that he was informed by his WWE sources that Roman’s daughter won’t be used in the storyline at all. So it looks like WWE has dropped that plan.

We’ll have more information regarding this after next week’s WWE Raw. As noted before, Roman Reigns & Bray Wyatt will face off at Battleground 2015.

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