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William Regal Reveals Why He Hates Tajiri With A Passion, Does 6’2, 210 Lbs Women’s MMA Fighter Want To Join WWE?


– During the latest WWE Story Time episode, Old School Wrestling Legend William Regeal revealed that he hates Tajiri with a passion. Below is the reason why:

“We won the World Tag Team Championship in Japan. We had a wonderful chemistry together and magical moments, but I hated him with an absolute passion. You know, I’ve drove with him for thousands of miles and he used to bring out the worst in me.

He would insist on driving and he can’t drive. He insists on driving with no music, he’s scared of music. He used to say he’s scared of certain things or doesn’t like certain things. I think he did it to wind me up. So we used to sit in total silence, honestly, on a 300 mile drive. I used to question my own sanity.”

– During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, MMA fighter Gabi Garcia (who’s 6’2, 210 lbs) was asked if she would like to join WWE. Below is what she said:

“It’s possible one day if the guys invited me. I love the show, I love watching WWE, so why not?”

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