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Another Tease For WWF Legend’s Return To WWE, 1000 Lbs “Pakistani Hulk” Wants To Join WWE (Pic), Who Do The Fans Want To See Enter Royal Rumble 2017 Match As Surprise Entrant? Is WWE Interested In Kenny Omega?

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8. Is WWE Interested In Kenny Omega?

During a media tour to promote WWE’s United Kingdom Championship tournament, Triple H was asked if WWE is interested in signing New Japan Pro Wrestling star and current Bullet Club leader Kenny Omega.

Below is what Triple H said:

“As far as a Kenny Omega goes, I’m just interested in talent, period. If somebody is talented as a performer and they wanna come work for the WWE, if they wanna come to the largest platform in the world where they can truly show what they do off on a global basis, then WWE is the choice for them.

If they wanna come work for us and they’re very talented, then I’m interested in talking to them, and that’s across the board. To me, anytime anybody questions me on a talent — Am I interested in them? — the fact that you’re questioning me on them means that person is probably pretty talented, so, yes, I’m interested.”

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