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7. “Injuries bring the best and the worst out of the creative team” – Eric Bischoff

During the latest edition of Bischoff on Wrestling podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed Seth Rollins re-injuring his knee on Raw. Below is what Bischoff said:

“I feel bad for Seth. I can only imagine, especially in today’s environment, getting that opportunity to step on that main stage. At the biggest show on Earth in this industry and probably others. To lose that opportunity so close to the date has to be emotionally devastating.

I never met Seth Rollins but I feel for him. I hope he does the work, keeps his chin up and comes back and proves that third time is a charm.

I think the opportunity that it creates as much for other performers in the WWE that are going to have to step in to that slot is the opportunity for the writers to really get their heads together and put as much pressure on themselves as some of talent feels some times to come up with a story and an angle that allows that transition to be as seamless as possible.

If I was a fly and could pick my wall that would be the wall I would want to be on. The one where I could watch the writers work their way around that. That’s when injuries bring out the best or the worst on the creative team.”

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