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Another Shocker Regarding WWE Championship Match At WrestleMania 33, Kurt Angle Reveals Who He Wants To See Induct Him Into The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017, Vince McMahon Undergoes Another Surgery

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8. WWE Asking Fans If They Watch TNA Impact Wrestling & Other Promotions, Vince McMahon Undergoes Another Surgery

After finishing the United Kingdom Championship tournament, WWE officials sent out a survey to UK fans on which wrestling promotions do they watch. Below is the list of promotions they sent out:

– PROGRESS Wrestling

– TNA Impact Wrestling

– International Pro Wrestling

– Preston City Wrestling

– Next Generation Wrestling

– Revolution Pro

– All Star Wrestling UK

– FutureShock Wrestling

– Insane Championship Wrestling

As we noted before, Vince McMahon underwent a surgery last year due to a quad tear while working out. Word is that he underwent another minor hip surgery recently (similar to what The Undertaker had) and that’s why he was using crutches at the WrestleMania 34 press conference in New Orleans.

Below is a pic:

Vince McMahon on Crutches at WrestleMania 34 Press Conference in New Orleans

Vince McMahon on crutches at WrestleMania 34 Press Conference in New Orleans

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