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8. “Tears started running down the sides of my cheeks” – DDP After Hearing About His Hall of Fame Induction

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Diamond Dallas Page (newest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017) talked about getting the call from Triple H about the Hall of Fame induction and then getting emotional. Below is what DDP said:

We were filming Positively Living, the Diamond Dallas Page three-DVD set. I’m a Jersey boy, so I was on the Jersey Shore in my hometown, and it was the end of the day and we were filming one more thing. They handed me the phone and said, “Boss wants to talk to you.”

It’s HHH. I called him a couple weeks earlier and he hadn’t gotten back to me yet, so I thought this was that return call. So we’re talking about casual stuff, and then I start to hear him talk about my career and where I’ve been and how I got here, and then it hits me – is this that call?

I’m not a guy who has trouble talking, but I couldn’t talk. Tears are running down the sides of my cheeks and I just said, “Bro, I love you man.”

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