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WrestleMania 35 (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 11

Batista vs. Triple H - WrestleMania 35 (Triple H's Career On The Line)

This is part 11 of our WrestleMania 35 live coverage (part 10 is here).

Up next is the No Holds Barred match, where Triple H’s career is on the line. “The Animal” Batista makes his grand entrance first.

Batista trips while entering the ring. “The Game” Triple H makes his grand entrance next. Batista is billed at 270 lbs tonight, while HHH is billed at 255 lbs.

This is Triple H’s 23rd WrestleMania match and his first match as a WWE Hall of Famer.

The match begins with Triple H & Batista trading right hands and Batista laying out HHH with a clothesline.

HHH comes back with as he pushes Batista out of the ring. HHH attacks Batista with a Tool Box.

HHH attacks Batista with a Steel Chain!

HHH has pulled out Batista’s nose ring with an instrument! Triple H is doing sick things tonight!

Batista gets back into the match and suplexes HHH on top of the announce table. Batista does it again and the Table still doesn’t break.

Batista throws HHH into the barricade. Batista drops HHH on the announce table again!

Batista now attacks HHH with a Steel Chair. HHH goes for the Pedigree, but Batista counters with a back body drop.

Batista hits HHH in the head with the Steel Steps! Batista has now placed the Steel Steps on top of an announce table and is clearing the other announce table.

Batista is looking to hit Batista Bomb on HHH from the top of the announce table, but HHH counters and Batista crashes down the announce table (which still doesn’t break)!

HHH tells Batista to “suck it” and Spears Batista through the third announce table and the table breaks this time!

Triple H takes out a Sledgehammer from under the ring and enters the ring with it, but Batista hits a Spear! Batista goes for the cover, but HHH kicks out at 2.5!

Batista hits HHH with a Spine Buster! Batista hits the Batista Bomb and goes for the cover, but HHH kicks out at 2.5 again!!!

Batista now brings the Steel Steps into the ring.

Triple H powerbombs Batista on top of the Steel Steps! HHH hits a Pedigree and goes for the cover, but Batista kicks out!


Batista DDTs HHH on top of the steel steps.

Ric Flair appears at ringside and hands HHH a Sledgehammer!

Flair & Batista are trash talking and HHH hits Batista with the Sledgehammer in a Superman Punch style!

HHH hits the Pedigree and pins Batista to save his career!

Triple H def. Batista in a No Holds Barred match

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