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WrestleMania 35 (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 14

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair Ronda Rousey WrestleMania 35 Main Event

This is part 14 of our WrestleMania 35 live coverage (part 13 is here).

Up next is the main event of the evening – the first ever Women’s WrestleMania main event and it’s a “Winner Takes All” match for the RAW & SmackDown Women’s Championship.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair is shown coming to the stadium in a Helicopter.

RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey makes her way out to the ring to a special musical performance.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair is out next, followed by the Women’s Royal Rumble 2019 winner, “The Man” Becky Lynch.

The match begins and Becky goes after Ronda, but Ronda lays out Becky. Ronda then goes after Charlotte and kicks her out of the ring.

Rousey hits Piper’s Pit on both Becky & Charlotte outside the ring.

Both Becky & Charlotte get back in the match and lay out Ronda on the floor.

Becky locks in the Disarmher on Ronda, but Ronda manages to reach the bottom rope.

Charlotte hits Becky with a top rope Spanish Fly and goes for the cover, but Becky kicks out.

Charlotte locks in the Figure 4 Leglock on Ronda while Ronda’s legs wrapped around the ring post, but Becky breaks up the hold.

Charlotte locks in the Figure 8 Leglock on Ronda in the ring, but Becky launches herself from the top with a Leg Drop on Charlotte to break the submission.

Becky Lynch takes out a Table from underneath the ring and sets it up in the ring.

Charlotte hits a Double Spear on Becky & Ronda and goes for the cover on both one by one, but can’t get the win.

Charlotte spears Becky and goes for the cover, but Becky kicks out.

Ronda & Becky throw Charlotte on the Table set up in the corner, but the Table barely breaks.

Ronda hits the Piper’s Pit, but Becky counters and pins Ronda!

Becky Lynch def. Ronda Rousey (c) & Charlotte Flair (c) to win the RAW & SmackDown Women’s Championship

This is Ronda’s fist pinfall loss in WWE.

WrestleMania 35 goes off the air with Becky Lynch getting her Title win celebration pyro.

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