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WrestleMania 40 – Night 1 (Live Coverage) – Part 8

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This is part 8 of our WrestleMania 40 live coverage (part 7 is here).

Up next is the main event of the evening and it is the biggest tag team match in WWE history!

Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes came out first, followed by World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

The Rock made his grand entrance next and he came out with the People’s Championship he received last night from Muhammad Ali’s widow at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns comes out next and he has worked out really hard for this weekend, as he’s sporting visible 6 pack abs!

Roman Reigns 6 Pack Abs Physique Muscles Body WrestleMania 40 WWE 2024 Night 1 WrestleFeed App

An interesting thing that should be noted here is that Pat McAfee said the following on commentary:

“Roman Reigns is battling leukemia as we speak.”

Roman and Seth start the match. Cody tags in soon and Roman and Cody go at it.

The Rock tags in and he goes at it with Rollins. Rock pushes Seth away and shows his strength. The fans are on Rock’s side and chanting for him.

Rock lays out Seth with a series of punches, kicks and clothesline, and signals Cody to just bring it! And Cody tags in. Cody is unloading on The Rock and tags in Seth, and now Seth is unloading on The Final Boss. They lay out Rock with a double elbow. Roman tries to make the save and they take him out too.

All 4 men are brawling outside the ring now. Seth spit Prime hyrdration drink in Rock’s face. The referee is counting them out and Rock tells the referee if he counts, he’s fired, he doesn’t f**k around!

Rock and Seth are fighting in the crowd, while Roman and Cody are fighting on the stage. Rock hits Seth with a trash can, while Cody suplexed Roman on the stage.

Seth and Rock return to the ring and Roman attacked Seth’s previously injured knee. Rock is now working on that knee. Rock tags in Roman. Seth clotheslines Roman out of the ring and Rock makes the save for Roman, as Rock sends Seth crashing into the steel ring steps.

Rock puts Seth in the Sharpshooter, but Cody breaks it up by slapping The Rock. Seth then superkicked Rock and followed it up with The Stomp! Rock manages to tag in Roman and Seth tags in Cody.

Roman is bleeding from his nose and The Tribal Chief isn’t happy about this. Cody hits Roman with a Cody Cutter from the top rope!

Rock saved Roman from being pinned by Cody as The Final Boss pulled the referee out of the ring. Roman low-blowed Cody and hit a Spear. He goes for the cover, but Cody kicks out.

The Rock brings the Mama Rhodes weight belt into the ring. Rock hits Cody with the Spinebuster! Rock went for the People’s Elbow, but Cody intercepted with the Cody Cutter! Cody goes for the Cross Rhodes, but Roman delivers the Superman Punch!

Roman went for the spear on Cody, but Seth pushed Cody out of the way and Roman speared The Rock! Seth & Cody hit Roman and Rock with Pedigrees and go for the cover, but they kick out!

Rock is looking to Rock Bottom Cody through the announce table, but Seth stops him, which leads to Cody putting Rock through the announce table with a Rock Bottom! Roman spears Seth through the barricade!

The action returns to the ring and Rock tags in Roman. Roman screams ‘you don’t belong in this ring’ at Cody.

Cody hits Roman with 2 Cross Rhodes and was going for the 3rd one, but Rock hit him with the weight belt. Roman spears Cody after this and tags in The Great One.

Rock hits The Rock Bottom on Cody, followed by The People’s Elbow for the win!

The Rock & WWE Champion Roman Reigns def. Cody Rhodes & World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed Title will be Bloodline Rules tomorrow night.

You can watch the finish below:

NEW VIDEO: Super Exposing Shots Of Brandi Rhodes (Cody Rhodes’ Wife):

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