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WrestleMania 40 – Night 2 (Live Coverage) – Part 2

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Tonight’s WrestleMania 40 – Night 2 is airing LIVE from the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

CM Punk makes his way out to be on commentary for the World Heavyweight Championship match. This is his first appearance at WrestleMania in 11 years. In his last appearance, he lost to The Undertaker in the co-main event.

Stephanie McMahon makes her way out and said she has been at every WrestleMania, but this one is special because this is the first WrestleMania of the Paul Levesque Era.

Drew McIntyre and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins made their way out next and both of them got special entrances.

The match begins and Drew immediately hits the Claymore Kick and goes for the cover, but Seth kicks out. Drew is looking to hit another one, but Rollins rolled out of the ring. Drew is mocking Punk while working on Rollins outside the ring.

Rollins lays out McIntyre with a Pedigree and a Stomp, and still can’t put away Drew for the 3 count.

Seth went for the Super Stomp from the top rope, but Drew got out of the way. Drew went for a Claymore, but Seth moved. Seth went for the stomp, but Drew countered and laid out Seth.

Drew mocks Punk with the Go To Sleep sign and goes for the GTS, but Seth counters, Drew connects with the Claymore Kick and goes for the cover, but Seth kicks out again!

McIntyre is looking to powerbomb Rollins through the announce table, instead Seth stomps Drew on top of the table. Seth brings Drew back into the ring and Drew nails a Claymore Kick out of nowhere! Drew goes for the cover, but Seth kicks out again!

Seth gets up and Drew hits a Claymore Kick again for the win!

Drew McIntyre def. Seth Rollins (c) to win the World Heavyweight Championship

McIntyre gave the title to his wife after the match and mocked Punk. Punk attacked McIntyre. Damian Priest ran out and cashed-in the Money In The Bank contract and won!

Damian Priest def. Drew McIntyre (c) to win the World Heavyweight Championship

Priest celebrated with Judgment Day after the biggest victory of his career!

You can watch the cash-in below:

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