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“Wrestlers will never unionize because wrestlers are stupid and selfish” – CM Punk

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During an interview on 670 The Score, former WWE & AEW star CM Punk talked about unionizing in professional wrestling.

Punk said it will never happen and explained why:

“For professional wrestling, yeah, wrestlers should 100% have a union. I’ll always say this, and I mean it in the most loving way: wrestlers will never unionize because wrestlers are stupid and selfish. That’s just the way it is.

There is always going to be somebody else around the corner that wants what you have or possibly doesn’t want you to have what you have and they will do whatever the promoter wants you to do for less money. That’s unfortunate. The boys never stick together.

I think it’s a lack of places to work. It’s really a wage gap disparity, it’s a class war. When your boss is a billionaire and you don’t want to rock the boat — this isn’t in wrestling, this applies to anything. More often than not, people will want to keep their head down, not get in trouble, and just go about their day. For better or worse, people have mouths to feed. There are people with kids, families, taking care of other people, and they can’t afford to lose their job.

Fortunately, for me, I’ve never been that guy. I’m always like, ‘I don’t need the money. This is wrong and I get to tell people it’s wrong’. I don’t think the platform I have is worth anything if I don’t speak from the heart about issues that I feel are important.

I have researched. Probably not as extensively as I should if I was going to act on this. I’m just me. There is strength in numbers. If it were to ever happen, just like it happened any other time people have risen up and created a union or strived for better working conditions for workers, it has to be a group of people. People have to stick together, and wrestlers are just never going to stick together. It’s sad.”

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