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WWE Accused Of Spreading Fake AEW Viewership Stories

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving WWE and AEW.

• AEW has firmly established itself as the #2 professional wrestling company in the world since its inception over five years ago, positioning itself as the primary competitor to WWE. Despite this success, recent allegations have surfaced suggesting that WWE may be involved in spreading negative stories about All Elite Wrestling to the media, raising questions about the extent of the rivalry between these two giants.

Concerns about WWE’s influence over wrestling media have been growing among fans, particularly regarding the potential manipulation of information to control narratives. A notable incident occurred with the reported viewership figures for AEW Collision on June 1st. Initially, it was claimed by Alfred Konuwa that the viewership was a mere 122,000. However, it was later revealed that the actual number was significantly higher at 378,000. Despite the correction, the initial misinformation had already sparked widespread online discussions.

The Wrestling Observer highlighted that the erroneous figures originated from WWE. He emphasized that contrary to the belief that WWE is indifferent to AEW, there is an ongoing and intense rivalry between the two entities. The Observer described this as a “pro wrestling war” that extends beyond the ring into public relations and media manipulation:

“This was a number supplied by WWE. And for those who think like, ‘WWE’s not concerned about AEW’ or ‘It’s a one-sided thing.’ AEW is in a war with WWE. It’s a pro wrestling war. Okay? These pro wrestling wars are insidious. They are brutal. They are both in a public relations war, where one side is far more effective as far as getting news out there and controlling the media because they are afraid of not having access or whatever they are afraid of. WWE obviously, whenever AEW has a badly rated show, WWE makes sure that the fast nationals get out.”

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• After last night’s Dynamite went off the air, All Elite Wrestling taped this Friday’s episode of AEW Rampage.

Below are the spoilers:

– Penta El Zero Miedo def. The Butcher

– The Acclaimed def. Hunter Gray & Harvez

Young Bucks didn’t let Max Caster complete his rap by cutting off the segment.

– The Gates of Agony def. Private Party

– Unified AEW Trios Champions The Bang Bang Gang (Jay White & The Gunns) def. Tyler Pane, Chris Wilde & Caleb Crush

– Mina Shirakawa def. Serena Deeb

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