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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (July 15, 1995) – Heatwave 1995

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on July 15, 1995, ECW hosted “Heatwave 1995: Rage In The Cage!” in the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The 1996 edition of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s annual Heatwave event saw a total of 3 Main Events, including 2 Steel Cage matches at the end of the card and one World Heavyweight Championship match in the middle of the card.

ECW World Champion The Sandman defended his Title against Axl Rotten, while Stevie Richards faced Luna Vachon in a rare intergender steel cage match, plus the Gangstas and Public Enemy collided in the second cage match of the night, which was also the last match on the card.

Below are the results:

– Mikey Whipwreck def Mike Norman

– ECW World Tag Team Championship

Tony Stetson & Don E. Allen def Raven & Stevie Richards via countout

– Hack Meyers def Val Puccio

– The Pitbulls & Tommy Dreamer def Raven and The Dudley Brothers

– ECW World Heavyweight Championship

The Sandman def Axl Rotten

– Dean Malenko & 2 Cold Scorpio def Eddie Guerrero & Taz

– Steel Cage

Luna Vachon def Stevie Richards via submission

– Steel Cage

The Gangstas def The Public Enemy

• WWE Bringing Back WCW PPVs?

WWE reduced the number of pay-per-view events after WrestleMania 34. From May onwards, PPVs started to be co-branded so the number of these events reduced. According to Barn Burner, WWE is planning to make some changes to its PPV events by replacing some of the names of the current ones.

Brad Shepard reports that WWE is considering an overhaul of their PPV system beyond that of the co-branded shows and time changes. WWE may replace a number of PPV events with WCW PPV events.

There is speculation that Halloween Havoc and Starrcade might make a return. WWE even used the latter as a house show in North Carolina in fall of 2017.

WWE is yet to confirm about the changes in its PPV names and also in the lineup of PPVs for 2018. The themed PPVs like Hell In A Cell and TLC are felt too common for viewers now so expect some changes soon.

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