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WWE Cancels Major PPV For 2018?

TLC 2017 (Live Coverage & Results) - Kurt Angle Makes His WWE In-Ring Return After 11 Years

• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (July 11, 1999) – Bash At The Beach 1999

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on July 11, 1999, WCW Bash At The Beach 1999 PPV took place. In the main event of this PPV, the team of “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Sid Vicious defeated the team of WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash & Sting.

This resulted in Randy Savage winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship (according to the stipulation of the match).

Also on this PPV, a boxing match took place between Roddy Piper & Buff Bagwell (with Mills Lane as the referee).

Below are the results from this PPV:

– Ernest Miller def. Disco Inferno

WCW World Television Championship Match: Rick Steiner (c) def. Van Hammer to retain the Title

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match: David Flair (c) def. Dean Malenko to retain the Title.

Tag Team Elimination Match: The No Limit Soldiers (Konnan, Rey Misterio, Jr., Swoll, and Brad Armstrong) def. The West Texas Rednecks (Curt Hennig, Bobby Duncum, Jr., Barry Windham, and Kendall Windham) by 4-2.

Junkyard Invitational: Fit Finlay def. Ciclope, Jerry Flynn, Johnny Grunge, Hardcore Hak, Horace Hogan, Brian Knobbs, Hugh Morrus, La Parka, Steven Regal, Rocco Rock, Silver King, David Taylor & Mikey Whipwreck to win the match.

WCW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Jersey Triad (Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Kanyon, and Bam Bam Bigelow) def. Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit to retain the Titles.

Boxing Match: Buff Bagwell def. Roddy Piper via KO.

Tag Team Match For The WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Savage & Sid Vicious def. Kevin Nash (c) & Sting. This resulted in Savage becoming the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

You can watch the main event of this PPV below:

• WWE Cancels Major PPV For 2018?

TLC (Tables, Ladders And Chairs) has been a major part of WWE’s pay-per-view line-up since originating in 2009. The event takes place every year with several themed matches according to the show’s name. Since the brand split, both RAW and SmackDown brands got it once in their pay-per-view line-up. This year it was scheduled to be co-branded.

It was scheduled to take place on the 21st of October in Boston, MA at the TD Garden this year. However, it looks like WWE doesn’t plan to hold the event this year as they have the WWE Super Show-Down scheduled to take place earlier that month at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia (The Undertaker vs. Triple H is scheduled to take place at this event).

Both Ticket Master and TD Garden’s official website have replaced TLC with WWE Super Show-Down. WWE is yet to comment on this matter.

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