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WWE Edits Out AEW Mention From This Week’s RAW Video

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• Old School WWF Tag Team Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Attitude Era Veteran Headbanger Mosh (Real name: Charles Warrington) celebrates his 48th birthday today.

After doing jobs on WWF TV in 1993, he eventually ended up as one member of the Tag Team ‘The Headbangers’.

Together they even held the Tag Team Title for a month in 1997, before Mosh turned into “Beaver Cleavage” and then “Chaz”.

The Headbangers made a return to WWE TV in 2016, when they were used on the SmackDown! brand to spice up their tag team division with a little “OLD SCHOOL” feeling, but WWE creative once again failed with their booking decisions and removed them from the roster after just a few weeks.


• WWE Edits Out AEW Mention From This Week’s RAW Video

On last night’s episode of RAW, Sami Zayn sat on “The Electric Chair” and answered fan questions.

Zayn wasn’t impressed with the questions that fans asked him and this led to him saying the following:

“You could’ve asked me about AEW.”

WWE didn’t include this line in the video that they uploaded on YouTube.

You can watch Sami mentioning AEW below:

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