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WWE Evolution 2018 (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 3

Mae Young Classic Finale WWE Evolution

Up next is a 20 woman #1 contenders women’s Battle Royal.

20 Women – past & present – make their way out to big pops, with Michelle McCool receiving the loudest pop!

The IIconics are the final entrants and they come out cutting a promo on how the future is IIconic.

The match begins and all women attack the IIconics and they are the first two woman to get eliminated!!

Eliminated: The IIconics

Now the past superstars get surrounded by the current stars and they start a big brawl!!

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville now team up to eliminate Kelly Kelly. Sonya eliminates Molly Holly.

Eliminated: Molly Holly

Mandy then eliminates Torrie Wilson & her parter Sonya as well!!

Eliminated: Kelly Kelly

Eliminated: Torrie Wilson

Eliminated: Sonya Deville

Nia Jax now eliminates Alundra Blayze.

Eliminated: Alundra Blayze

Maria Kanellis is the next woman eliminated.

Eliminated: Maria Kanellis

Nia & Tamina now face-off, but Lana interrupts.

Carmella starts her dance break in the middle of the match and WWE Hall of Famer Ivory joins her and Mandy Rose tries to eliminate her, but fails. Carmella then eliminates Mandy!

Eliminated: Mandy Rose

Ember Moon eliminates Dana Brooke by suplexing her out of the ring!

Eliminated: Dana Brooke

McCool is dominating the match, but she gets eliminated by Ember.

Eliminated: Michelle McCool

Ivory is the only Legend left in the match now.

Ember Moon now eliminates Naomi!

Eliminated: Naomi

Carmella is the next eliminated and 5 women are left now.

Eliminated: Carmella

Asuka now eliminates Ivory

Eliminated: Ivory

Ember Moon now eliminates Asuka!

Eliminated: Asuka

Tamina goes for a superkick on Ember, but Ember counters and Tamina nails a slam out of nowhere!

Fans are chanting “Let’s Go Ember”. Ember nails an Eclipse on Tamina and then eliminates her!

Eliminated: Tamina

Only Ember & Nia are left now! Ember is trying her all to eliminate Nia and Zelina Vega comes out of nowhere and pushes both women over the top rope (but they aren’t eliminated).

Zelina thinks she has won and is celebrating and Nia comes in and Gorilla Presses her out of the ring on to Tamina!

Eliminated: Zelina Vega

Ember drop kicks Nia into the ropes and Nia then nails a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Ember and then eliminates her to win!

Eliminated: Ember Moon

Winner: Nia Jax (Earns a future Women’s Championship match)

In the post-match interview, Nia says she’s coming for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Up next is the Mae Young Classic finale between Toni Storm & Io Shirai.

After great, fast back & forth action, Toni hit her finisher on Io, but Io kicked out of it & Toni is stunned!

Io nails a 619 and then goes for the springboard sunset flip, but Toni kicked out.

Io nails Toni with the running knees. Io goes for the moonsault, but Toni got her knees up.

Toni nails a powerbomb and pins Io!!

Toni Storm def. Io Shirai to win the Mae Young Classic

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon present Toni with the Mae Young Classic trophy after the match.

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