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WWE Faction Makes An Impactful Return To TV After Helping The Rock

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The electrifying atmosphere of WrestleMania 40 was charged with excitement as The Rock made his much-anticipated return to the WWE ring, teaming up with Roman Reigns to take on Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a thrilling tag team match.

The People’s Champion delivered a spectacular performance, culminating in a victory after executing his iconic Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow maneuvers on Rhodes.

The Rock’s Gratitude to Gallus

The seamless return of The Rock to in-ring action owes much to the behind-the-scenes efforts of the Gallus trio comprising Wolfgang, Mark Coffey, and Joe Coffey from NXT. These three men played a pivotal role in helping The Final Boss rediscover his in-ring prowess.

In a gesture of gratitude, The Rock publicly acknowledged Gallus’ contribution on social media and expressed his appreciation by gifting each member a bottle of his Teremana tequila.

Gallus Returns to NXT

However, the focus swiftly shifted from celebrations to intensity as Gallus made their impactful return to NXT television last night. The last sighting of Gallus on NXT TV dated back to February, but their resurgence marked a significant moment in the landscape of the brand.

Their return coincided with Tony D’Angelo’s victory over Charlie Dempsey for the Heritage Cup.

Mayhem Unleashed

As the celebratory atmosphere began to dissipate, chaos erupted backstage. Challengers for Oba Femi’s coveted North American Title, including Ivar, Wes Lee, and Josh Briggs, were found incapacitated. In a chilling display of dominance, Gallus sent a clear message that their return signaled the beginning of a new era in NXT, leaving fans on the edge of their seats as the show concluded.

Gallus Returns To WWE NXT May 14 2024

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