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WWE Hall of Famer Calls Shane McMahon “A Rich Man’s Foolish Son”, Rips Him For Hell In A Cell 2017 Bump, Vince Russo Recalls A TNA Knockout Getting Badly Injured

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Vince Russo Talks About How He Never Booked Any Wrestler In WWF Or TNA To Put Their Body At Risk, Recalls A TNA Knockout Getting Badly Injured

During a recent edition of Vince Russo’s “The Brand” podcast, Russo and former ECW, WCW, WWE & TNA wrestler “Big” Vito LoGrosso talked about wrestlers taking too much risk nowadays, especially in Hell in a Cell matches. Below are the highlights:

Russo: I just don’t like watching wrestling where I have to worry about somebody getting hurt. That’s all. That’s me because I think it’s stupid bro.

Vito: You want to know, Vince? You’re now not writing anymore. Okay? And this is just coming looking from the outside. You’re sitting back as a broadcaster and analysts like I am. And you definitely have a different view of it because you’re thinking of other things – family, real-life safety. You’re looking at it from the different perspective and that’s what the people should understand and respect.

Russo: I gotta be honest with you, bro. I gave the same respect, I gave the same perspective when I was there Vito. Because When we’re booking a match, I’m booking you know Shawn Michaels versus The Undertaker Hell in a Cell, Mick Foley versus the The Undertaker in a cell, I’m not laying out the match. I’m just booking the match. At that point I’m handing it over to the individuals, the professors. I hated it then, bro.

Well, I’ll never forget there was an X Division match at TNA. I’ll never frickin’ forget. Christopher Daniels did something that was like freakin Ludacris. Ludacris bro! And I remember watching it on the monitor and like, my emotions were the same, Mikey, why do you freaking my brother? This is a work. You’re really gonna break.

And I remember later that night bro I think it was Frankie Kazarian or AJ… I think it was Frankie, they kind of came up to me and cut a promo on me because of what Chris Daniels did in the ring. And I was like “wait a minute, bro”, I didn’t write for Chris Daniels to do that in the ring. As a matter of fact I think Chris Daniels was out of his freaking mind for doing that in the ring and I would never in a million years ask anybody to put their body at risk.

Bro, remember on TNA when Daffney got really F’d up? And I remember bro I knew nothing about how that match was laid out. I knew nothing about what they were gonna do. And then I watched it on the monitor and I was freaking ballistic.

They put that poor girl in a situation where she was badly, badly, badly, badly freaking hurt. So I just want to say for the record bro this was the same stance I took when I worked there. I would have never written for these bums and this spot.

WWE Hall of Famer Calls Shane McMahon “A Rich Man’s Foolish Son”, Rips Him For Hell In A Cell 2017 Bump

Former WWWF Heavyweight Championship & WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham posted the following on his Facebook profile regarding Shane McMahon’s Hell in a Cell 2017 bump:

Shane “Idiot” McMahon

As always, the WWE will first lie to us, then when they get caught they tell the fans the truth. I consider Shane McMahon to be nothing more than a rich man’s foolish son. In a deliberate attempt to deceive us, the WWE released a statement that daddy’s little son was just fine after this leap below and now they have told us that he really is hurt.

Disgusting and I have no sympathy for this spoiled brat and maybe he wont try to defy gravity ever again for a worthless, meaningless, and dumb as hell cheap pop.

Superstar Billy Graham

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