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WWE Hall Of Famer Has A Criticism About Top RAW Star


During a recent edition of the E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Old School WWF Attitude Era Veteran Christian talked about the Roman Reigns – Bobby Lashley #1 contenders match from this week’s RAW.

Below is what Christian had to say about it (credit to Wrestlinginc for transcription):

“I saw [Reigns vs Lashley] and it was pretty damn good. That’s the thing and we’ve talked about it before, Roman Reigns gets a bad wrap of being pushed down our throats and blah, blah, blah but what it boils down to is the dude can f***ing go.

Even Bobby Lashley, like he’s improved so much since his time away from WWE and since he’s come back. I think he’s one of these guys as far as personality goes I think there’s a lot of room to grow and that sort of thing. That’s all comfort level too as far as coming back and getting your feet wet. As far as the in-ring performance stuff goes the dude is on point.

That match was the main event of any major PPV and it would have blown the doors off the place. They built the match so good, they had so much time. I loved the story, especially with the story of Lashley beating him clean at the pay-per-view previous to that and then this match Roman getting the win back. I get why it’s the cool thing to hate Roman and this and that but what it boils down to is. It doesn’t matter at this point whether he’s booed of cheered. People are invested in him whether they hate him or love him, they react to him and the dude’s f***ing good, so whatever.”

Edge then had the following criticism about Lashley:

“I just don’t buy that Lashley can be mean. When he sets up for anything I don’t believe it. When I look at him – wow. Then I look at his face and I don’t buy it. I know that sounds like a knock and Bobby’s a great guy but that to me, has always been the missing ingredient. It’s just that level of, ‘mmm I don’t really feel like you want to tear this person’s head off.”

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