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WWE Hall Of Famer Rips Ronda Rousey Once Again – Says WWE Threw Their Best Female Worker Under The Bus For ‘This B*tch’

Ronda Rousey

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WWE Hall of Famer ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham is not a fan of Ronda Rousey and doesn’t like her one bit.

As we noted yesterday, Billy Graham made the following post regarding Ronda Rousey’s emotional promo on RAW regarding Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s death:


“Fans, don’t forget, the real RR is in the photo below getting her a** kicked by Amada Nunes. Not throwing fake security guards that were feeding her on Raw last night. 4 grown men getting thrown around like toys, well actually 3, as the 4th man looked at Rousey and screamed in fear and ran from a woman back to the locker room. Yeah, she is a bad a** all right…..in the make believe world of the WWE.

Bob Dylan has an old song called Dignity. One of my favorites. The first line goes, ” Somebody got murdered on New Years eve, Somebody said Dignity was the first to leave. ” Well, Jim ” The Anvil ” Neidhart, may have died yesterday, but he got murdered on WWE Raw last night by WWE’s queen b*tch Ronda Rousey. No question the single most disgusting show of lack of emotion ( which Rousey has none ) I have ever seen for a man who meant something real to his family and the WWE. RR sounded like she was reading some obscure line out of a 50 year old encyclopedia.

Giving us a lecture on how important having a good father is. How Nattie is her best friend, may be, I don’t know. This was not a tribute to ” The Anvil ” but a set up for an angle with Miss Bliss at SummerSlam next Sunday.

The absolute gall of Vince and the writers to not even show a photo of the man on their giant ” Jumbotron “, instead, have their princess give a heartless, empty and meaningless diatribe about Jim. And using a real man’s death to shoot a fucking wrestling angle.

I am physical ill over this phony attempt by the biggest phony the WWE has ever produced, RR, to dishonor a real human being and turn death into a circus. The WWE has reached rock bottom.


Graham has now made another post regarding Rousey and you can read it below:

Ronda Rousey Smells

So bad, that this Big Boy below could sniff her out a mile away, deep in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa.

She stinks so bad that when this 900 pound gorilla found her he would rip her head off and stick it up her a$$ where it belongs and then run to the nearest river to wash off the stench !!!

Rotten Ronda has the charisma of a F-ing door knob. She is the single worst female performer in the WWE and the highest paid by millions. Has the biggest ego and the lowest IQ.

You blind idiots that want to ” get off ” by marking out for this nutcase please do.

The WWE throws their best female worker under the bus, Asuka, for this bitch. I would bet what I have left of my life that Asuka would kick Rousey’s a$$ on any given night.

Now, I have got to get back to work on my lawsuit against the CAC and do some a$$ kicking of my own, catch you folks later.


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