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WWE Hall Of Famer Says He Was Once Bothered By The Fact That Most Fans Only Remember Him For One Moment

Mick Foley Mankind Dude Love Cactus Jack

For many wrestling fans, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley will always be known as Mankind, Cactus Jack or Dude Love, but he has become so much more than just a WWF Legend since he hung up his boots.

Whenever you think of Foley, you will also think of his Hell In A Cell spot against The Undertaker in 1998 at the King Of The Ring PPV.

The Hardcore Legend was recently interviewed by Fan Fest during a visit at the Raleigh Supercon promoting his 20 Years of Hell tour.

Foley admitted that he was once bothered by that Hell In A Cell spot being attached to him as being his most memorable moment.

“For a while, it kinda bothered me that that was the only thing people remembered me for,” said Foley. “But as is often the case with iconic characters whether it be Batman or the Fonz, after a while you stop regretting it and realize how lucky you are to be a part of something people remember so fondly. (With the anniversary) I’ve had a great time bringing that night back to life on stage and I enjoy talking about it with a lot of people who were not even born when that match took place 20 years ago.”

Foley further commented on other amazing moments he enjoyed in his career:

“I think the 1996 Boiler Room Brawl was overlooked. I think there’s a lot of good stuff in there. It could have done with more commentary as they left it blank there for 12 minutes. It was really odd, which I think made it come off as a little unusual, but I think that was what Mr. McMahon was looking for. So definitely check out the 1996 Boiler Room Brawl, as The Undertaker and I took a beating in that one.”

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