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WWE Hall Of Famer Says Lacey Evans Is Selling $*x

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WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter and his daughter recently argued with Lacey Evans on Twitter over Lacey stealing parts of Sgt. Slaughter’s look & gimmick for her new look.

It seems like she is also using the Cobra Clutch finisher without asking Sarge first, which is an absolute No-Go in the world of professional wrestling.

During a recent interview on SK Wrestling’s WrestleBinge, Slaughter said Lacey is selling s*x in WWE:

“I didn’t watch it any further. My daughter kind of got a little upset that now she’s coming out with the campaign cover on, and she’s got a big cobra on the front of it.

She’s got her outfit on and showing a lot of cleavage. To me, that’s selling s*x. That’s not selling that you’re a tough S.O.B. from the marine corps.

She should have a t-shirt on and have the combat boots on and have those fatigues on if you want to emulate Sgt. Slaughter and that you’re from the marine corps and you’re a drill instructor, act like one. Be one.

They got plenty of other ladies out there that are the s*x symbols.

Lacey’s a beautiful woman, and I like Lacey a lot. I got to know her briefly, and I always admired her and respect her because she did serve in the marine corps.

I just wish that they would have allowed me to get involved a little bit more.”

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