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WWE Hall Of Famer Thinks AJ Styles Is A Better Wrestler Than Bret Hart

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On an episode of his ‘Oh You Didn’t Know’ podcast, WWF Legend The Road Dogg Jesse James (aka Brian Armstrong) claimed that AJ Styles is a better wrestler than 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

Here’s what the famous D-Generation X member had to say, when comparing AJ Styles to Bret Hart:

“[AJ Styles] is a better wrestler. He has been working very hard ever since he showed up at the Royal Rumble (2016).

He’s older now and he’s slower now and he wants to work smarter now, but when he first got here and I think he was very much in his prime, the road puts it on you and that life.”

The Road Dogg even claimed that he himself was a better sports entertainer than Bret Hart, when he said the following about The Hitman:

“He was a great worker, and I thought about saying good, but he was a great worker.

I don’t think I was a good wrestler. I don’t think Bret was a great wrestler. I think I was a better sports entertainer than Bret was and I think that’s where the money is.”

Some time after these comments, the legendary half of The New Age Outlaws revealed that he only said it because of podcast ratings, when he stated:

“Look, I’m still taking the piss a little bit, and just having fun with this. And can I be honest with you about something?

I leaned into the Bret thing, you know what I mean? I leaned into it a little more than normal to get a bite, to get a nibble.

Holy crap, I got my boat so full of fish, I had to go to shore. So I was just looking for, you know what I mean, some steam.

Just looking for a little gravel, something to sink my teeth into. And man, did that happen. But then I got to a point where I felt really bad inside my own head and heart.

And I had to do this conversation in my head, like ‘Okay you did that, but you did it for ratings. And is it really how you feel, how far did you go? Where was your real line at?’.

You know what I mean? And I kind of still feel the same way. But I leaned into it stronger than I should have by design.

And it made me uncomfortable, to be quite honest with you. It made me uncomfortable for two or three weeks.”

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