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WWE Hall Of Famer Wants Triple H To Retire

Triple H

• Old School WWF Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 66th birthday of Old School WWF Legend The Junkyard Dog (Real name: Sylvester Ritter).

After becoming a huge Territory Star in Bill Watts’ Mid-South Wrestling, JYD joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1984 and jumped ship to WCW in December of 1988, just a few day after Ted Turner bought Jim Crockett Promotions and renamed it.

The Junkyard Dog’s last major Pro Wrestling appearance came 1 month before he passed away, when he was involved in an in-ring segment at ECW Wrestlepalooza 1998.


(December 13, 1952 – June 2, 1998)

• WWE Hall Of Famer Wants Triple H To Retire

14 Time World Champion “The Game” Triple H suffered a torn pec at WWE Crown Jewel.

We posted a report a couple of days back that despite Triple H suffering an injury, WWE officials feel that he’d be able to recover in time and face Batista at WrestleMania 35 (seeds for this match were planted at SmackDown 1000).

However, WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham thinks Triple H should consider in-ring retirement instead of this WrestleMania match.

Below is what Graham posted on Facebook:

HHH and Mania 35 ?

Hey fans, check out these 2 side by side photos below. Very rare do you get a photograph of a man just minutes after he suffered such a catastrophic injury as a pec tendon tearing lose.

H is in visible agony in this pic outside the ring on Nov. 2nd in that Murderous Hell Hole S.A. 6 months healing time after surgery. Ah…..but that does not mean just because the tendon is healed that H will be ready to jump back into the ring at mania 35.

Far from it, I believe and my friend is right at 50 years old. Common H… give this one some serious thought. You really want to keep working in the ring after such a horrendous injury at age 50 ?????

It may be an easy call for me….but I see no sense in it… you have done it all, so what do a few more matches mean ? It may mean more injuries. You don’t need it brother, call it a career. S.B.G.”

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