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WWE Interviewer Calls Out Fans For Racist Comments

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• WWE Interviewer Calls Out Fans For Racist Comments

Sports broadcaster Kayla Braxton signed with WWE in 2016 as an Interviewer. She became the co-host of ‘WWE Talking Smack’ in August 2020, alongside Paul Heyman.

She recently posted a message on Instagram, where she referred to quite a few negative fan-comments regarding her biracial background, allegedly mocking her because of it.

Here’s what Kayla wrote:

“I often get tagged in tweets making fun of or mocking the fact that I at times mention my biracial background. I also see your comments about others who are also biracial or becoming biracial parents.

If you did not grow up as a biracial person or as a biracial parent, keep your comments to yourself. You have no idea what it’s like and if we want to talk about it or bring awareness to it, it’s not your right to mock it.

I, like many others, spent years being bullied and feeling like I didn’t belong. Especially being raised in the south, it was difficult being accepted by either ‘side’.

Some parents of the white boys I liked made threats to me if they ever brought me home. One boy in particular had his parents tell him that he would have a noose hanging from their ‘family tree’ if he dared to bring me home.

I got called a ‘mutt’, a ‘mixed breed’. The black kids would also make fun of me for not being ‘black enough’ or not having black hair or being too light skinned.

I spent so many afternoons after school crying…hating myself. Asking why I was so different to the point where no one wanted to be my friend. I know this is the same story shared by biracial children everywhere.

So again, for those of you who continue to mock those of us who at times like to mention our biracial backgrounds, or bring light to it now that we have accepted it and developed pride for it …


MVP commented the following under Kayla’s post:

“As the child of an interracial couple and the father of a biracial child, I feel you in every way! The ignorance of people who say things like what you described is overwhelming. I’m with you!!! F**k’em!!!”

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Old School WWF Veteran “The Mountie” Jacques Rougeau celebrates his 61st birthday today.

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When his brother Ray retired in 1990, Jacques was repackaged as “The Mountie” in early 1991, but was still managed by “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, who had already managed The Rougeau Brothers.

Despite a short run as the WWF Intercontinental Champion in early 1992, The Mountie left the WWF by the end of the year, only to return a few months later in July 1993, still dressed in a similar gear, only this time he had Pierre Ouellet by his side and together they became known as “The Quebecers”, a Tag Team that had a pretty good run with the WWF Tag Team Championship, which they won 3 times, before breaking up in the summer of 1994.

Together they joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in 1996 as “The Amazing French Canadians” but returned for one last run to the WWF in 1998, before Jacques retired from professional wrestling.


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