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WWE Lead Writer Wanted Mansoor To Be Revealed As The Mastermind Behind The 9/11 Attacks

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• WWE Lead Writer Wanted Mansoor To Be Revealed As The Mastermind Behind The 9/11 Attacks

As we reported before, former WWE writer Britney Abrahams (who began writing for RAW & SmackDown in 2020) is suing the company & Vince McMahon for using racial and gender stereotypes in scripts.

She claims WWE instructed Bianca Belair to say ‘Uh-Uh! Don’t make me take off my earrings and beat your a$$!’ and made her look ‘ghetto’, while Apollo Crews was told to speak with a ‘stereotypical and exaggerated Nigerian accent’.

Britney also noted that a love triangle storyline for Aliyah was pitched, which involved Mansoor and Angel Garza.

During this storyline, Britney and fellow writer Kyla Sylvers were tasked to come up with a secret that Mansoor had that he was going to share with Aliyah.

When they told lead writer Ryan Callahan what they had in mind for Mansoor’s secret, Ryan said:

“How about his secret is he’s behind the 9/11 attacks?”

The following conversation then took place, as stated in the lawsuit:

“Ms. Sylvers nervously laughed and said, ‘let’s not do that. Let’s talk about the other part of the pitch.’

CALLAHAN said, ‘Oh, I guess you’re the lead writer now.’

Ms. Sylvers again laughed nervously, and said, ‘for just this moment so we can talk about something else.’

Following this, whenever a writer asked CALLAHAN a question, he would reply, ‘ask [Ms. Sylvers], she’s the lead writer now.’

CALLAHAN’s comments and conduct in this regard were clearly discriminatory given Plaintiff’s similarly situated white, Caucasian counterparts were not treated in this manner.”

The following was written in the lawsuit regarding why Britney got fired from WWE:

“Abrahams continued to opposed racist, se*ist pitches, she said, and was fired in retaliation in April 2022. WWE fired her for taking with her a WrestleMania 38 branded chair, but the practice was allegedly a common practice that White male writers weren’t punished for.”

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