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WWE Legend Says His Son Will Be Better Than Him

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• WWE Legend Says His Son Will Be Better Than Him

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Old School WCW/WWE Legend Rey Mysterio talked about his son Dominik Mysterio, who became a WWE main roster wrestler in 2020.

Here’s what Rey had to say about his son:

“I’ve told my son from the beginning, you’re gonna be better than your old man and I keep saying this over and over and over to him.

I can’t wait for the day for him to become his own man, although in a way he already is and for me it’s hard as a father to kind of let him go and fly on his own, but I truly believe in my heart, and I don’t just say this so he can stamp it in his head, but he’s gonna be better than his old man.

It motivates me, it inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing because I’m seeing my son kickoff!”

As a child, Dominik Mysterio was involved in the 2005 storyline between his dad and the late, great Eddie Guerrero, which culminated in the infamous ‘Custody Ladder Match’ at the SummerSlam 2005 PPV.

Rey & Dominik won the SmackDown Tag Team Titles earlier this year, thus becoming the 1st ever father-son duo to become Tag Team Champions in WWE history.

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran “The Interrogator” Kurrgan (Real name: Robert Maillet) turns 52 today.

His biggest claim to fame in Pro-Wrestling came in 1997/1998, as a member of World Wrestling Federation stables ‘The Truth Commission’ and ‘The Oddities’.

After his WWF release in 1999, Kurrgan started to wrestle on the indies, but when his Professional Wrestling career came to an end by the mid-00s, he turned into a Hollywood Actor.

He played minor roles in some famous movies such as Hercules, 300, Deadpool 2 and Sherlock Holmes.


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