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WWE Made Changes To The WrestleMania 39 Card In The Last Week

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• WWE Made Changes To The WrestleMania 39 Card In The Last Week

With Triple H now running the creative process in the WWE, top matches for WrestleMania 39 were decided as early as October of last year.

However, some changes to the card were made in the last week and Brock Lesnar vs. Omos was one of them.

Lesnar was previously rumored to take on either Gunther or Bobby Lashley, but WWE went in a completely different direction on last week’s RAW.

This began speculation that Vince McMahon is still calling some shots when it comes to creative plans, as he was high on Omos, but that can’t be confirmed at this moment.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported about this:

“I can’t say that was due to Vince, but I can say that was a change. Most of this WrestleMania card was planned out… they actually planned out most of this card further in advance than usual, which is Paul Levesque’s credit probably.

Usually, some of the top matches are planned out in December/November and then you kind of fill it in from there. This one, there’s a lot by October that they had. There’s definitely been many changes since October also.

This was a change… I can’t say the day the Lesnar match changed and then it might change Monday too. I’m not sure if it’s a swerve, but I do know there were changes to the card in the last week or two for whatever that was.”

It’s possible that Triple H is trying to throw fans off by leaking fake information about planned WrestleMania 39 matches, and then changing it to what’s actually supposed to happen.

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