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WWE Needs To Start Putting Finn Balor Over Or He’ll Leave, Says Former WWF Champion

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At Money In The Bank 2023, Finn Balor failed to defeat Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Balor got one more shot at Rollins’ World Title at SummerSlam 2023, but he failed to win again.

While discussing this match on his podcast, former WWF Champion Kurt Angle said Balor should’ve become the World Heavyweight Champion this month.

Angle also noted that WWE needs to do something dramatic with Balor, or he might leave the company.

Below is what the Olympic Gold Medalist said about the 42-year-old wrestler:

“You know what? It would’ve been nice if they would’ve given [Finn Balor] this World Title.

I think he’s really over, incredibly athletic. He has a lot of charisma. This kid, you know, if WWE doesn’t end up doing something with him, that’s dramatic. I wouldn’t blame him if he went off and went somewhere else.

I don’t wanna see him do that because I love the WWE, and I think he’s a good fit for them, but they need to start putting this kid over.

He deserves it. [Judgment Day is] over (with the fans). They’re still over without Edge.”

Below are Finn Balor’s top accomplishments in pro-wrestling:

– 1x Universal Champion (inaugural)

– 2x Intercontinental Champion

– 1x United States Champion

– 2x NXT Champion

– 2015 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic winner (along with Samoa Joe)

– 3x NJPW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

– 6x NJPW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion

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