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WWE News & Professional Wrestling Stories Of The Day – December 4, 2017

Let’s take a look at the top WWE News & Professional Wrestling stories of the day:

• Alberto Del Rio Reveals Why His Relationship With Paige Ended

During an appearance on “Keepin it 100 with Konnan” podcast, former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio revealed why his relationship with former WWE Divas Champion Paige ended.

Below are the highlights:

Alberto: I think by now everybody knows that we’re not together. We decided to end our relationship because she’s in Orlando, I’m in San Antonio and now she’s back on the road and the schedule over there is non-stop and my schedule is non-stop with my pro wrestling shows, my projects and stuff with Telemundo-Mexico TV Azteca, calendar, charity events and all that stuff.

So we were not seeing each other and then because she was training and getting ready to go back they were not letting her come to San Antonio. I couldn’t go to Orlando because I have three little kids and I was coming home two or three days. And I had to choose between going to Orlando or staying with my kids. So of course I decided to stay with my kids. We decided to end our relationship.

I know people just found out or just finding out right now and the ones finding out, it was a few weeks ago because we ended up our relationship weeks ago. But we both agreed not to say absolutely anything because we got tired of having media, people, everyone having an opinion including families having an opinion about our relationship with what we do or what we used to do.

So we decided not to say anything. But actually when we were in Canada doing Impact tapings, I talked to Paige and I said, “Listen I think it’s about time for us to say something because people… they are starting to realize that we’re not together especially because I was working and with my kids somewhere else and you were hanging out with your friends”.

After asking her if we should say something and having Paige said, “No, no, no, I don’t want to. You and I have an agreement. So you want to say something, say something. I won’t”. And I said okay I’m gonna respect our agreement and I’m not gonna say anything.

But then apparently a friend accidentally posted a video out there for a couple seconds and deleted it, but in the Internet once you put something it is there forever. So people started coming to me and I was like seriously. So I called Paige I said come on what’s going on and she said it was an accident.

It was my friend. I said yeah, but you know it’s always your friends, it’s always your family, it’s always your brother, it’s always someone from your side and it’s just not fair. I said you and I had an agreement and even though it wasn’t you breaking it, it was someone from your side and I’m just tired of being affected by your side of people or your people.

But yeah that’s the reality of things. We ended up on good terms. She wants the best for me. I want the best for her. I know she’s gonna be the most successful diva in history. She has all the talent and we had an amazing relationship. And I just want to say this. The haters, they never broke us. We decided to do this because it’s the best for our careers and my kids.

Host: How about the time that she proposed to you in Puerto Rico?

Alberto: We were having a fantastic time because it was just us. There was no one. Yeah my family, but my family was always taking care of us, but no one from her side was there. So we were having a great time.

So I turned around, saw her on one knee. And then of course I accepted because we were in love. It was real. We were always taking care of each other. I don’t know why the people decided to to just mess with us and they never let us be.

Host: I think one of the reasons people started to get involved is because there was an incident in Vegas where I think she might have gotten arrested. There was another one in Orlando where she had thrown a drink in your face and you were trying to get her arrested.

Another one was she punched you in the face. So all these little things I think is when people were like okay something there is going on, but we don’t know whose fault it is or what’s going on.

Alberto: It was just the internet, I need to tell you this. We are passionate in everything we do. We have strong tempers and she’s just like me when it comes to being hot-headed and then in acting or reacting in a different way when she’s mad just like me. But we were always taking care of each other.

I never talked about any of this before, but I’m gonna tell you why. Number one – because I was protecting my wife. I was protecting the woman that was going to be my wife. You know, she works for a company with zero tolerance. That company fires you for whatever reason. Sometimes they don’t even need a reason to fire.

Then of course people were talking, just assuming things, based on assumptions and that included her family or in this case, her brother. Also, because when that crap in Orlando which is completely fake because nothing happened. I never hurt her. She never hurt me. It was just internet and people believed in it.

And the reason why the Orlando incident that affected my life so much happened – number one, because I was already suspended, the company and their zero-tolerance thing and me thinking – are they gonna fire her? And unfortunately for female wrestlers it’s impossible to exist or nearly impossible to exist out of the WWE.

Me? I proved everyone that WWE doesn’t need me and I don’t need them. I’m making a fantastic living. Pretty much making the same amount of money. But it’s not the same for girls. When that stopped, Paige’s brother went crazy and started saying stuff. Paige said to me, “Baby, you know what? I’m gonna say something about what happened and all that.”

I said, “Baby, don’t. Don’t say anything because I’m already suspended. I’ll fix that. Once we get the police reports, the state attorney reports, everybody will know the truth. Everybody will know what you’re saying. Your brother is completely wrong and that never, never, never, never, ever happened.”

• WrestleMania Stadium Blown Up… But It Didn’t Work (Video)

The Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan, which played host to the iconic WrestleMania 3 event in 1987, was blown up yesterday, but it didn’t work and the Silverdome is still intact.

You can watch the failed implosion below:

• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (December 4, 1995) – Old School Midget Wrestler Passed Away

On this day in 1995, famous WWF midget wrestler Little Beaver (Real name: Lionel Giroux) passed away at the age of 60.

Little Beaver made a name for himself in Vince McMahon Sr.’s WWWF World Wide Wrestling Federation during the 60s & 70s, but his biggest claim to fame was being in the six man match of WWF WrestleMania 3, where he was destroyed by 460 lbs King Kong Bundy.


• Ryback Comments On Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega

During a recent edition of “Conversation With The Big Guy” podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback had the following to say about the upcoming Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega match:

“He’s wrestling Kenny Omega, who has a good amount of buzz on the internet. If he were to walk down the street, nobody would know who he is, but inside the wrestling community, he is sort of a big deal on the internet. If he ever decides to go to WWE I think they can do something with him at some point.

Kenny was in developmental for quite some time, but I’ve heard nothing but positive things about him. I would actually really like to wrestle him. He and Chris are going to face off at New Japan for Wrestle Kingdom. I think it’ll be a good match. A lot of fun.”

• NXT Wrestler’s Mother Passes Away

We are saddened to report that NXT wrestler Kyle O’Reilly’s mother has passed away. Below is what he posted about this on Instagram:

“On Wednesday November 29, Heaven gained another angel. After a short yet courageous battle with Cancer my beloved Mother has passed away. She was the sweetest and kindest woman I’ve ever known and encouraged me to chase my dreams.

She was a devoted wife, Mother and nurse who dedicated her life to caring for those in need. I’m so proud to be your son. Rest In Peace Janie Elizabeth Greenwood aka Mom. “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always…”

• CM Punk Takes A Fall Backstage At UFC 218 After His Chair Collapses

Former WWE wrestler CM Punk was backstage at UFC 218 PPV this past Saturday night to talk with UFC President Dana White.

Multiple MMA reporters noted that Punk took a fall backstage after his char collapsed, but there’s no photo or video of it. Below are some tweets from MMA reporters:

• Backstage Update Regarding Legendary Employee’s WWE Release

As we noted before, legendary WWE employee Jim Johnston (longtime WWE music composer) was recently released after over 32 years with the company. Johnston composed many legendary WWE theme songs, including that of The Undertaker:

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, there was no surprise over the release of Jim because WWE was relying a lot on CFO$ for their theme songs since 2012 and Jim’s release was expected as soon as his contract expired (which happened last week).

• Braun Strowman Posts About His WWE Journey

Below is what “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman posted on Instagram regarding his WWE journey:

“Crazy to think that five years ago today I flew to Tampa to FCW for a tryout with #WWE and now I’m traveling around the world doing what I truly believe 100% what God put me on this earth to do and that’s be a WWE SUPERSTAR and allow me to entertain and put smiles on peoples faces!!! #whatajourneyithasbeen #blessed #thankful #braunstrowman #themonsteramongmen #entertainer #createyourown”

• SmackDown Champion Pays Tribute To Rey Mysterio In Mexico By Doing The 619, Mysterio Comments

Below is a video of SmackDown Tag Team Champion Jey Uso paying tribute to former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio at a Live Event in Mexico by performing the 619:

Below is what Mysterio commented under this Instagram post:

“Nothing but Respect for my USOS! So Blessed & Thankful for letting me be part of your match! #1Move=Ish-1-9 #MonterreyNL #1Love”

• New Champions Being Crowned Tonight On Raw?

On tonight’s episode of Raw, The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) will defend their Raw Tag Team Titles against Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose. Below is what WWE posted about this match:

“Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have each earned singles victories over Cesaro & Sheamus — the team that captured the Shield brothers’ Raw Tag Team Titles earlier this month — and now they’ll get their rematch against The Bar live on Raw, emanating from Los Angeles’ STAPLES Center.

With Roman Reigns now holding the Intercontinental Title, a victory for the brothers-in-arms would put championship gold around all three Hounds of Justice’s waists. Can The Lunatic Fringe and The Kingslayer conquer The Celtic Warrior and The Swiss Cyborg?”

It’s quite possible that Rollins & Ambrose recapture the Raw Tag Team Titles tonight as WWE officials want all members of The Shield to be Champions and Roman Reigns is already the Intercontinental Champion.

• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (December 4, 2010) – Old School Wrestling Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 2010, we lost former Wrestler & WWF/WCW Manager King Curtis Iaukea (Real name: Curtis Piehau Iaukea III), who passed away at the age of 73.

While he wrestled for the NWA & the WWWF during the 50s, 60s & 70s, most Old School fans will probably remember him as a manager, when he managed Kamala & Sika during his mid-80s World Wrestling Federation stint, and The Dungeon of Doom (in WCW) during the mid-90s.

WCW Superstar Prince Iaukea, who wrestled for them during the Monday Night Wars, was actually named after him.

September 15, 1937 – December 4, 2010

• WWF Veteran Says WWE Should’ve Hit Matt Hardy With A Lightening Bolt To Make Him BROKEN

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz talked about Matt Hardy teasing his BROKEN gimmick after losing to Bray Wyatt on last week’s episode of Raw.

Taz said that WWE could’ve done the tease in a little better way and then revealed how he would have done it:

“The thing that a lot of folks are talking about…Bray Wyatt wrestles Matt Hardy. They’re not talking about “dead” and they’re not talking about Bray Wyatt’s promo either because I had no idea what Bray was saying. “Everybody’s dead”, that’s what he said. The promo made no sense.

I guess they wanna give him some mic time, so good for homeboy. That’s great, but really there was nothing behind the promo that I got. His delivery is always awesome. His look is great. He’s got a lot down. He is a pro. But the content was like …I didn’t really get much out of it.

He beat Matt Hardy, but that’s not the story. The story is Matt Hardy. Everybody’s talking about it. Is this the beginning of this guy turning into Broken Matt Hardy while Jeff’s out injured and all that jazz? Is this the time where he’s making that turn? This seemed like it.

I think it could have been done a lot better than what they did. But for WWE, this is probably as close as they’re gonna get to plant the seed and they just had him when he was selling after he lost sitting in the corner and then he threw his arm across three or four times and that was the first time where they put a spotlight on him, the camera on him to do it. So it seems like they will be embracing this broken gimmick to a degree.

I do think they could have done a lot better job. I have no problem with him going “Delete… Delete…..Delete…” three or four times and what he does as Broken Matt Hardy. And then I would have had Matt stand up and every time he says Delete it gets stronger and louder and it crescendos up and then to the point where he stands up and he’s going Delete.

Now that the whole building did it with him and then I would have done a lightning bolt gimmick. Like the lightning that they’ve done. WWE does that a lot. I’ve been in the arena when they do it and we’ve seen that like a lightning thing. It’s almost like an Undertaker type thing where something happens and like it hits Matt, this lightning.

They do this crazy hairbrained crazy shit sometimes like the stuff with Kane and we’ve seen Taker. I know sometimes it looks hokey, but sometimes it’s cool. Do it with Matt Hardy man. Let him get hit by a lightning bolt or whatever you want to call it.

There’s a big black out in the building, lights come on and Matt’s gone. That’s what I would have done. Then you don’t see Matt for a few weeks and then he comes back with Jeff or you do a vignette with them on the farm, on the whatever the broken ranch is called.”

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