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WWE News & Professional Wrestling Stories Of The Day – November 30, 2017

Let’s take a look at the top WWE News & Professional Wrestling stories of the day:

• Raw & SmackDown Live Viewership For This Week Revealed

This week’s episode of Raw, which featured Braun Strowman attacking Kane in the main event of the show, drew 2.76 million viewers. This is down from previous week’s 3.07 million viewers.

Below are the results from the show:

Elias and The Miztourage confronted Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins def. Raw Tag Team Champion Cesaro

Samoa Joe def. Titus O’Neil

Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville confronted Sasha Banks

Bray Wyatt def. Matt Hardy

Rich Swann def. Akira Tozawa, Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari

Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns def. Elias

Asuka def. Dana Brooke

Kane def. Jason Jordan via Count-out

Finn Bálor def. Kane via DQ

Below are the top 10 moments from the show:

This week’s episode of SmackDown Live, which featured Randy Orton taking on Kevin Owens in a No DQ match in the main event, drew 2.68 million viewers. This is up from previous week’s 2.66 million viewers.

Below are the results from the show:

Shane McMahon made major changes to the SmackDown LIVE main event

The New Day def. Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable

The Bludgeon Brothers def. The Hype Bros and Mojo goes berserk

AJ Styles def. The Singh Brothers in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match

The Riott Squad def. SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, Natalya & Naomi

Kevin Owens def. Randy Orton in a No DQ Match

Below are the top 10 moments from the show:

• SmackDown Live Wrestlers Written Off WWE TV, To Be Replaced With New Wrestlers?

After losing to WWE Champion AJ Styles in a 2 on 1 Handicap match and then getting beat up by Jinder Mahal, it looks like The Singh Brothers will be written off WWE programming.

Also, word going on is that they might get replaced by WWE’s Indian signees: Kishan Raftaar & Jeet Rama.

• SmackDown Live Star Suffers Multiple “Injuries” After Attack

WWE announced that former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi suffered a separated shoulder, cervical strain and facial contusions after being attacked by The Riott Squad on SmackDown Live.

This is a storyline injury. Below is what Naomi tweeted about this:

• Top WWE Star Not Retiring After WrestleMania 34

A Twitter user started a rumor that WWE Champion AJ Styles will retire after WrestleMania 34.

Styles then put an end to the rumor by replying to that user. Below is the conversation:

• Backstage News On WWE Altering Matt Hardy’s BROKEN Gimmick

As seen on this week’s Raw, Matt Hardy teased the debut of his BROKEN gimmick after losing to Bray Wyatt.

Word going on is that WWE will be slightly altering Hardy’s gimmick and it’s expected to be called WOKEN instead of BROKEN. However, the actual gimmick is expected to be very similar.

Impact Wrestling’s Ed Nordholm issued the following statement to Sports Illustrated regarding this:

“We have seen the character development and will be interested to see where they take the concept. Our new talent agreements all incorporate language that allow talent to continue to use their IMPACT persona after they leave the company.

We are working with our legal team to amend our existing agreements to extend this to all of our current and former talent.”

• Marty Jannetty Reunites With Brutus Beefcake At The Barbershop (Photo)

At the WrestleCade convention this past weekend, Old School WWF Veterans Marty Jannetty and Brutus Beefcake reunited at “The Barbershop”. Below are the photos:

For those who don’t remember, The Rockers broke up at The Barbershop when Shawn Michaels superkicked Marty and drove him through the window. You can watch it below:

• Reason Behind WWE Doing Less PPVs In 2018

WWE will be doing 14 PPV events in 2018, instead of 16 like they did this year.

This is due to the fact that WWE Network subscriptions didn’t increase this year despite an increase in the PPV events.

Also, there was very low interest in B grade PPV events, especially that of SmackDown Live.

Below is the WWE PPV schedule for 2018:

* January 28th, Philadelphia: Royal Rumble

* February 25th, Las Vegas: Elimination Chamber (RAW)

* March 11th, Columbus, OH: Fast Lane (SmackDown)

* April 8th, New Orleans: WrestleMania 34

* May 6th, Newark, NJ: Backlash (RAW)

* May 27th, Baltimore: Payback (SmackDown)

* June 17th, Chicago: Money In the Bank

* July 15th, Pittsburgh: Battleground (RAW)

* August 19th, Brooklyn: SummerSlam

* September 16th, San Antonio: Extreme Rules (RAW)

* September 30th, Nashville: Hell In a Cell (SmackDown)

* October 21st, Boston: TLC (RAW)

* November 18th, Los Angeles: Survivor Series

* December 16th, San Jose: Clash of Champions (SmackDown)

• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Attitude Era Superstar “Captain Charisma” Christian (Real name: William Jason Reso) turns 44 today.

Christian debuted on World Wrestling Federation TV in 1998, right at the peak of the famous Attitude Era and was forced to retire due to an injury in 2014.

While Christian had a pretty good singles career, especially later on during the Ruthless Aggression Era, he’s still mostly considered a Tag Team Wrestling Legend due to his legendary run with Edge from 1998 till 2001 including 7 reigns as WWF World Tag Team Champions.


• Old School WCW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF/WCW Veteran “The Z-Man” Tom Zenk turns 59 today.

You probably remember Zenk as one half of the WWF Tag Team The Can-Am Connection, teaming with Rick Martel in 1986 & 1987, but he also wrestled for Ted Turner’s WCW from 1989 till early 1994.


• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (November 30, 1997) – November To Remember 1997

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on November 30, 1997, ECW aired their annual November To Remember PPV LIVE from the Golden Dome in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

Only 2,000 people in attendance that night witnessed some of the greatest names in Extreme Championship Wrestling history, including the likes of Sabu, Rob Van Dam, The Sandman, Bam Bam Bigelow, Tommy Dreamer, Tag & Shane Douglas.

When Wrestling was still AWESOME …

Here are the results:

Chris Candido & Lance Storm defeated Tommy Rogers & Jerry Lynn

Mikey Whipwreck defeated Justin Credible

ECW World TV Championship
Taz (c) defeated Pitbull #2

4-Way Dance – ECW World Tag Team Championship
The F.B.I. defeated The Dudley Boyz, The Hardcore Chair Swingin’ Freaks & The Gangstanators

Flag match
Rob Van Dam defeated Tommy Dreamer

Tables & Ladders
Sabu defeated The Sandman

ECW World Heavyweight Championship
Shane Douglas defeated Bam Bam Bigelow (c)

• WWF Veteran Says He Doesn’t Care About The WWE Hall of Fame

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, WWF Veteran Bubba Ray Dudley gave some advice to young wrestlers and commented on The Dudley Boyz possibly getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the future. Below are the highlights:

On what the young wrestlers should focus on:

“Get over. I don’t care what it takes. I don’t care if you crap into your own hand and throw it in the 5th row as long as you can get over. Make the people be interested in you. Make them emotionally invested in you. Make them laugh. Make them cry. Make them cheer. Make them boo.

Do something. Get over. Listen, you can go in the ring and do a flip or a dive and do this and that and they’ll go ohhh and they’ll go ahhh, but so many guys are doing that. I’d like to see guys get over more because they are using the entire range of emotions that a human being has.”

On The Dudley Boyz possibly being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the future:

“I don’t care about the Hall of Fame. I get inducted into the Hall of Fame every single night I go through that curtain. This is my Hall of Fame. It’s the fans. If they’re cheering, if they’re booing, if they’re laughing, crying or throwing tomatoes at my head I don’t care.

That’s the Hall of Fame to me. I don’t need anything else and I’ve never really needed anything else. Not that being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame wasn’t “nice” or if the WWE ever wanted to induct us that it wouldn’t be “nice”.

I don’t want to be selfish about it, I know the people would enjoy that. So if the day comes, ok cool. If the day never comes I’m not losing an ounce of sleep over it.”

• Jerry Lawler Comments On Vince McMahon Instructing Michael Cole To Say That Lawler Is Suffering From Anal Bleeding

During a recent appearance on Jim Ross’ Ross Report podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler recalled an incident where Vince McMahon instructed Michael Cole to say that Lawler is suffering from Anal Bleeding.

Below is what Lawler said:

“We could do a whole show about the things we know that Vince either told Ross to say or told Michael Cole to say. The most embarrassing one that I can remember, and later on I went to him and I went, ‘what the hell, man?’ and he said, ‘I swear, Vince told me to say it. I swear.

You know I never would have thought about it.’ And it was the time Mark Henry picked me up, and I don’t know if I was wrestling Mark or what happened, but anyway, he picked me up and slammed me through the announce table and they carried me out or whatever.

And then, after the break, he said, ‘we want to give you an update on ‘The King’. He’s not doing too well’ and then he says, ‘he’s suffering from anal bleeding.’

So that’s when I went to Cole afterwards and said, ‘what the hell are you doing.’ He said, ‘I swear, Vince told me to say it.'”

• Old School WWF Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 55th birthday of Old School WWF Tag Team Wrestler “The Gigolo” Jimmy Del Ray (Real name: David Ferrier).

The highlight of his Professional Wrestling career was certainly teaming with “The Doctor of Desire” Tom Prichard in SMW Smoky Mountain Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation as ‘The Heavenly Bodies’.

November 30, 1962 – December 6, 2014

• Batista Reveals His Favorite WWE Match

During a recent edition of “The Ross Report” podcast, former World Heavyweight Champion Batista revealed his favorite match in WWE. Below is his discussion with Jim Ross:

JR: Is that your favorite big match (vs. The Undertaker from WrestleMania 23) on your resume from WWE?

Batista: My favorite match is the Hell in a Cell I had with Hunter actually. It probably wasn’t nearly as good as the one I had with Taker. It definitely wasn’t as significant or as big.

But the reason I love this match is because I think up until the very last second we beat the hell out of each other and that was the good old days when we were bleeding everywhere. We were going to war with each other. And we started off this match with people chanting “Boring…Boring”.

At the end of the match we just had everybody just sucked in. And in this match, you literally didn’t know what the outcome was going to be until the very last second which is hard to get done. And I felt really accomplished coming out of that match.

Actually probably my favorite televised match, my favorite big match, the favorite match of my career was actually a house show match I had in Mexico with Rey.

JR: Really? Were you the big heel?

Batista: I was and I begged and pleaded because we weren’t on the card and I knew I was a short-termer in the company. I was heel at the time and…you know…working Rey as a heel in Mexico is just anybody’s dream come true.

And I begged and pleaded to give me this match and I finally got it and we gave them a pay-per-view match man and when I came back from the match everybody was….I mean people were applauding.

I’m talking about the boys, they were applauding us like we turned a house show into a pay-per-view and we just gave them everything. I mean everything. All the bells and whistles.

• Old School Wrestling Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW & Puroresu (Japanese Wrestling) Legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger (Real name: Keiichi Yamada) turns 53 today.

Liger is considered a professional wrestling legend everywhere on the planet and he’s one of the very few 80s Wrestlers, who is still active in the ring on a regular basis in 2017.

Those few of you who still watch modern day PG era wrestling, might remember his short 2015 WWE stint, when he wrestled on the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn show.


• WWE Asking Fans About Their Interest In 205 Live

This week’s episode of 205 Live marked one year anniversary of the show.

WWE released a survey for the show where they want to learn about fans’ interest in 205 Live.

Below are the questions that were listed in the survey:

* How familiar are you with a weekly WWE Network show called WWE 205 Live? (Very familiar, somewhat familiar, A little bit familiar, Heard of but do not know much about, Never heard of WWE 205 Live)

* How often, if ever, do you watch WWE 205 Live? (Regularly watch, Occasionally watch, Used to watch but do not any more, Have never watched)

* How have you watched WWE 205 Live? (Using someone else’s WWE Network subscription, Using my WWE Network subscription, Viewing social media sites, Viewing segments/episodes on YouTube, Viewing segments on WWE.com or WWE app, Viewing segments/episodes on non-WWE websites, Other)

* How do you primarily watch WWE 205 Live on WWE Network? (Watch on demand, Watch live)

* Why have you not watched or are not regularly watching WWE 205 Live? (Busy when the show initially airs and forget to watch at a later time, Matches are repetitive, Announce team is not that interesting, Prefer watching other weekly WWE shows instead, Watching cruiserweight matches on other WWE shows is enough for me, WWE Cruiserweight Superstars on that show are not that interesting, WWE 205 Live slips my mind/I forget to watch, WWE Cruiserweight Superstars do not have a significant role in WWE pay-per-view events/RAW, Not interested in a WWE Cruiserweight division, Watch enough WWE shows and do not have time)

* Of the following reasons, what is the primary reason why you have not watched (or are not regularly watching) WWE 205 Live? (WWE Cruiserweight Superstars do not have a significant role in WWE pay-per-view events/RAW)

* In your own words, please share why you have not watched or are not regularly watching WWE 205 Live?

* If WWE Superstars from RAW or SmackDown were to engage more frequently with WWE Cruiserweight Superstars on the WWE 205 Live show, how would this impact your viewing of WWE 205 Live? (Much more likely to watch, Somewhat more likely to watch, No impact, Somewhat less likely to watch, Much less likely to watch)

* How interested are you in watching the following WWE weekly shows? (Monday Night RAW, WWE NXT, WWE 205 Live, WWE SmackDown – Very interested, Somewhat interested, A little bit interested, Not at all interested, Don’t know)

* How often do you watch the following WWE weekly shows? (Monday Night RAW, SmackDown, NXT – Every week, 2 of 3 weeks per month, Once per month, Once every other month, Less often than once every other month, Do not watch)

• Edge Talks About How To Become A Top Guy In WWE

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, WWE Hall of Famer Edge said the following regarding how to be a top guy in WWE:

“That’s not politicking, that’s getting to know each other and allowing him to know what type of person he is going to invest this massive machine in. How can he do that unless he has some sense of who you are as a person, and not just as a performer?

It happened organically with us. When I had points I felt very strongly on, I went to him. In doing it, he began to see that I would stand up for what I believed strongly in, and that I would admit when I was wrong.

I didn’t look for a pat on the back when I was right, either. He also knew how much I cared for that industry.”

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