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Up next is the MizTV segment. Miz welcomes his guest, the first ever WWE Universal Champion, Finn Balor.

The Miz rips Balor for making a 5 minute entrance, but the crowd loved it and Miz asks what this is. Finn says it’s “Balor Club”.

Miz rips Balor for being a failure as he held the Universal Title for only 24 hours and then getting injured. Miz then goes on to say that Finn is too small.

Miz asks what’s next for Balor and Balor says he’s going to get his Title back. Miz asks him does he know who the Universal Champion is? It’s BROCK LESNAR and says he’ll break Balor in half.

Things get heated now between the two.

Balor attacks The Miz and leaves.

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