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WWE Posts Unseen Footage Of Roman Reigns After WrestleMania 40 Loss

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Below are a couple of top WrestleMania 40 news stories of the day, involving Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre.

• Roman Reigns’ record-setting 1,316-day title reign is over. WWE posted the following unseen footage of The Tribal Chief after his loss at WrestleMania 40:

During the post-show press conference, Triple H said there’s a lot of banter about the greatest of all time. You can measure that by a lot of metrics. He went on to say Roman Reigns is absolutely one of the greatest of all time.

HHH said Roman did all of this despite the health issues he has to deal with. Epic matches, epic storytelling.

He said Roman changed the industry and that the The Tribal Chief is going to start a new story now that’s going to blow the fans’ minds.

• During his match against Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40 – Night 2, Drew McIntyre took his phone from a family member and used it.

Drew McIntyre Tweeting From His Phone At WrestleMania 40 WrestleFeed App

He used the phone to tweet the following:

“Bored at work. LOL!”

McIntyre won the World Title, finally got his moment in front of the fans, then mocked CM Punk and got attacked, and then lost the title to Damian Priest via Money In The Bank cash-in.

After his loss, McIntyre tweeted:


McIntyre’s hilarious tweets received almost 40 million views on X!

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