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WWE Doing A PPV In Scotland In May 2018, WWE Weakening Their Original Shield Reunion Storyline

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Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer recently discussed Triple H becoming an honorary member of The Shield at a WWE Live Event, WWE doing a PPV in Scotland & more. Below are the highlights:

On Triple H joining The Shield & WWE weakening their original Shield Reunion storyline:

“If they did it for the house show that’s fine but that’s a lot of ego to put that all over. Because all it does is weaken the real Shield reunion and so you’re actually working against your goal. I wouldn’t have pushed it like that in social media (Triple H on becoming an honorary member of The Shield).

Just so you know …..”It’s a house show.. whatever… we’re doing it”. But yeah I wouldn’t put it as a storyline because now you’re weakening your own storyline with Roman Reigns coming in.”

On WWE doing a PPV in Scotland in May 2018:

“They’re going to do a pay-per-view in Scotland in May which is long overdue. They should have done.

There’s no reason when you’re doing two pay per views a month already that you would do a third special. I mean this doesn’t even make sense. It’s not cost-effective and you can’t build it up because you can’t build up three shows. I mean you can, but you it’ll just weaken everything.

So I would presume it’d be like the Raw or the SmackDown pay-per-view for that month and it’s about time. A couple hours earlier on the WWE Network, it doesn’t matter anymore and I think they should have done this years and years ago.

They should have been doing these pay-per-views in the UK. It’s gonna sell more tickets in the UK. Well, actually may not because the Glasgow Hydro is not that big of a building.

But you know what, it really doesn’t matter. Because in the old days, when you actually had pay-per-view, I think it would have been a benefit because they would probably have done like really good pay-per-view numbers in Europe.

Because number one, it being prime time in Europe. So it wouldn’t be in the middle of the night, so you’d have more people buying the pay-per-view.

Yes, it would hurt North America, but I think that they pick up in Europe because of the interest in a minor pay-per-view in Europe that it would pick up more than it would cost in the United States.

But now, all that’s irrelevant anyway. So it doesn’t really matter.”

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