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9. Sunny Says She Had S*x With Dolph Ziggler For 7 Hours, Reveals The Only Thing Wrong With Ziggler

During a recent appearance on The Wrestlingus Show, WWE Hall of Famer Sunny recalled her one night encounter with WWE SmackDown Live Superstar Dolph Ziggler in the bed. Below is what Sunny had to say:

“Nick was really fun. We went from about 11:30 pm, 12 o’clock at night, till 7 in the morning. He’s a machine, I should say. Yeah, he’s a machine and he does not tire. His stamina is insane. His size is really good, but it curves. It’s crooked to the left. I don’t know, but it points to the left. That’s the only thing wrong with him otherwise, he was pretty good. That was in the month of November 2010.

That was just once, but there were four or five months of heavy flirtation and texting and everything like that leading up to it, so it was a big buildup. And he found me. He started writing to me on Facebook and, of course, at first I didn’t think it was really him because there are so many fake accounts nowadays and everything like that.”

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