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WWE Star Confirms She Took Illegal Drugs, Michelle McCool Shares A Photo Of The Undertaker Smiling

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• WWE Star Confirms She Took Illegal Drugs

During a recent appearance on “Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia” podcast, former WWE Divas Champion Paige confirmed that she took illegal drugs and that resulted in her failing the WWE Wellness Policy test.

She previously denied taking any illegal stuff when she got suspended by WWE by posting the following:

“Same sh*t different day. Kids, please don’t get prescriptions or doctors notes. Not acceptable.”

Below is what Paige said regarding taking WWE Wellness Policy violations and taking illegal drugs:

“I literally had like a 2005 Britney Spears meltdown, I was so close to shaving my head. I just got wrapped up in drinking and like I wanted to drink some more, so I would do that kind of stuff. I just got so wrapped up in the party lifestyle and I just wanted to be cool.

I finally had a bunch of friends that liked me, but they don’t really like you. They’re just like ‘Oh cool, you’re spending money on us.’ So that was pretty much it. I just felt good that I felt free, that I was reliving a childhood I never had. I was hanging with people I never though I could never hang with before, with all these stars that I got to meet.

Then I get in a relationship, and it was kind of an uphill battle when it came to social media. But also I had my neck, and I’d never had a day off in my life, so when my neck came along and I thought I would never be a wrestler again that put me in depression.

I just felt so alone, and I was in so much pain from my neck. I was just like, ‘This is fine. One more will be absolutely fine. I can do this. I’m not addicted to this pill.’ Which I’m not, because I completely stopped after I got humiliated online for that kind of stuff. But I made the dumb mistake, and it’s not even good. I didn’t even enjoy doing it.”

• Michelle McCool Shares A Photo Of The Undertaker Smiling

Former WWE Diva Michelle McCool noted on Instagram that she and her husband, The Undertaker, attended a George Strait concert. Below is a photo that she posted:


Doesn’t get much better…..Great friends & the King @georgestrait ! #goodtimes #blessed

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She posted another photo of her and The Deadman smiling:


Just because I was looking at pics & these are cute! 🙂 #Cam #CountryAintMeantToBePretty #mightbenewfavorite #love #blessed ?

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It’s always great to see The Phenom smiling!

Speaking of The Undertaker, he’s currently scheduled to return to WWE programming on the 25th anniversary episode of Raw on January 22, 2018.

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