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WWE Star Out Of Action For 14 Months, Arm Injury To Another Wrestler

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd recently injured his neck in a dark match with Samoa Joe. Tyson Kidd went to his pre-op yesterday and will be undergoing surgery this Wednesday.

His neck injury is very serious and is being compared to the neck injuries suffered by WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin & Edge. According to latest reports, He’s expected to be out of action for the next 14 months.

As we noted yesterday, WWE Superstar Erick Rowan also suffered an injury at last Friday’s WWE Live Event during a match with Cesaro. Rowan suffered an arm injury and this is a significant injury, and Rowan is expected to be out of action for some time. Rowan suffered the injury on Friday but he still worked Saturday’s live event.

Jamie Noble was injured last night on WWE Raw while brawling with Brock Lesnar. Noble broke 3 ribs. Randy Orton asked for some time off and that’s the reason why he didn’t work this weekend’s WWE Live Events & last night’s WWE Raw. He’s currently on a vacation with his girlfriend.

Vince McMahon & Kevin Dunn were not backstage at last night’s WWE Raw as they were working on WWE Tough Enough’s premiere. While the show’s script wasn’t written by Triple H, he was the official incharge backstage last night.


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