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WWE Star Says The Rock Is Unemployed Right Now

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WWE SmackDown star Grayson Waller recently mocked The Rock and claimed that his WWE debut match was bigger & better than The Great One’s WWF debut match.

They had the following exchange on Twitter:

Rock: “Man you’re right!

That outfit was so cringe 😂👏🏾👏🏾

Here’s what’s more cringe – the fact you look and sound like you dropped out of some jabroni’s balloon knot.

Nice haircut, you Outback Jack Off.

PS, my cringe debut outfit was all Triple H’s idea 🤣”

Grayson: “Ouch! Those classic 1999 schoolyard insults really still hit.

You still have an open invitation to be a guest on The Grayson Waller Effect though! Sounds like you’re in desperate need of the Grayson Waller rub #GWEffect”

Grayson once again targeted The Rock and said the following on The MMA Hour:

“SummerSlam is always a big show. All of a sudden, people start seeing what I can do for these legends. Grayson Waller is on the WWE Legend Rehabilitation Program right now.

If you’re a WWE legend, it’s hard, Twitter, Instagram, you don’t know how to go on socials. Come and talk to me, I’ll make you relevant again. You saw me do that with John Cena. You saw me do it with Edge. [The Rock] is out of work right now. He’s unemployed, correct? Actors are on strike.

Technically, he’s unemployed and needs some work. Who better to help The Rock than Grayson Waller? I just sent out a video. I didn’t even tag him. People think I was clout chasing, I didn’t even tag him.

All of a sudden, he’s coming back with the same insults he’s been using for 15 years. I remember when I was 15 and thought you were funny, that was cool.

It’s an open invitation for the Grayson Waller Effect.”

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